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Sharing a Powerpoint between several computers in a Gymnasium. What's the best way?

Grad coming up. What is the best, easiest way to share a PowerPoint wirelessly between 4 laptops without video wires running between them? Web-Conferencing Software??
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If you you can easily do this with M$ OneDrive - but the person sharing the file must have a M$ account (,, etc.). Place the file on OneDrive then send an email to share the file to everyone you want to share with. I am assuming that you all have access to Wi-Fi.

Otherwise, put the file on a memory stick and copy it to each computer. This method is risky if even ONE of the computers has some kind of computer virus :-(
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Yeah I was looking a little more and I think that VLC will do the trick. Just make a video out of the Powerpoint and then use the Streaming Option in VLC.

I want to control the PowerPoint and have it simultaneous on all 3 or 4 laptop/projectors. might be worth a look. It lets you run multiple slide shows simultaneously.
VLC? I think you would have to create a slideshow first. You can do that using MS Movie Maker. Or Save as .wmv
I did make the PowerPoint into a MP4 which plays perfectly in VLC.

I have tried to Stream it out and believe it has been successful. I am not able to connect though with a laptop to the port i have shared it out on. Possibly the Firewall is blocking it??

Just not used to using that software.
I can't make it work with VLC here. Gonna take two laptops tonight, totally off the Network and try that.

I did look at the PowerPoint Viewer which lets one run more than one PowerPoint on the same computer each to a different monitor. I believe?
I'm afraid I don't have the technical knowledge to advise you on how to stream an MP4 file to other laptops :-(
What is the purpose of this PPT/mp4>>, I want to control the PowerPoint and have it simultaneous on all 3 or 4 laptop/projectors.<< laptop projectors??
You want 4 laptops connected to 4 projectors?
To have control you cant stream it you need some sort of peer to peer or lan network remote access.
Over 4 different projectors? Then they have to connect to a router/lan.
I believe this is unreasonable.
here's some choices, the first you could play this mp4 on your desktop and let others see it accessing your computer. is a site created by the guys from LogMeIn, which is a very popular service for remote access to your computer. not only does instant screen sharing, it’s got a lot of features that make it great for online meetings.
The free version lets you have up to 10 participants that can view your screen at the same time.

As you have 4 laptops do they have inbuilt web cams?
Google Hangout Screen Share / play your power point on your desktop/ or your now mp4

 Team Viewer free for private use.
screen sharing
You want to stream to the web from VLC I take it? then you wont have that control you wanted,
you want to stream privately to 4 laptops? you still wont have any interaction?
Do you know the ip address of the other two systems?
Do you connect through a router?
 Ensure that VLC is  allowed program or no computers will be able to connect.
 If you’re trying to stream over the Internet, you may also need to forward ports on your router.
How did you want to stream it over a lan right? local area network
Gonna take two laptops tonight, totally off the Network<< cant work then
This is too loose to provide accurate details so I'm going to offer my favourite guide
How to Stream Videos and Music Over the Network Using VLC
If you could provide more details
-As I mentioned in the original question I would like to do a PowerPoint in a Gymnasium for Grad. One of the options is that: I could turn it into a Video and just share the video however......I tried VLC last night but it doesn't seem to work right. The video sticks on the first frame even on the originating computer. I can't seem to connect with any other computers to it either.
-I am not sure if the Internet is available in the Gym but I can easily hook up a wireless router so that all the computers are hooked up together. I will find out tonight if I can reach the Internet in the various parts of the Gym.

-I know that I can use a product like Team-viewer, GoToAssist, etc. Just wondering if there is another way to share either a PowerPoint or Video that doesn't use the Internet.
The Vice Principal just tried and no Internet in the Gym. He is gonna try and get it installed but may not be able to. I could probably run a couple of wireless routers in a daisy chain. I just need to make sure that when the Gym is full of parents, family and Grads, I am 100% sure that it will work. If the Internet happens to be out...which could happen!

Back to the original question of trying to share this out between 3 or 4 computers. Software for that?
Thanks, I appreciate it. Pity the wireless doest work.
That makes it really difficult pandersen
Trying to imagine this as you say here>
"  I just need to make sure that when the Gym is full of parents, family and Grads,"
 Can't you just use a  single laptop to a projector screen in the center of the Gym for all to see?
You can even use a blank white wall
Once a year  our company will run an update course and in the large smoko room, they use one of the tables and hook a laptop to ac and connect it  to a large screen to play the presentation slideshow. The speaker will stand in front and point out a few things we need to go over
There is even an Ipad to a projector screen these days, all you need is a screen
Importantly you must plug everything in first turn on the projector,   to let it warm up only then you turn on the laptop.
Projector ideas
New UC28 PRO HDMI Mini HD Home LED Projector 60" Cinema Theater, PC Laptop VGA Input USB Price: $61.95
Connecting a PC laptop to a projector

PC Laptop Projection Instructions

100 inch Home Theatre Pull Down Projector Tripod Screen 75 dollars

Home Theatre Office Manual Pull Down Movies Tripod Projector Presentation Screen
So if you want to do this once a year this method simplifies it and is quite professional.
Very large room. In the past if you are in the first 1/2 of Gym it is fine, but sucks your eyeballs out of the sockets otherwise. %-)
They been using only 1 for quite a few years and every year people say: "wouldn't it be nice if we could hook up more than one projector".
This year gonna try and make it happen.

Maybe this is gonna be too hard without Internet. I will probably just set up a Cell phone with a HotSpot or link a Wifi through an extra box to reach the LAN socket and use GotoAssist or TeamViewer, etc.
You have been tasked quite a difficult job.
Yes that could sound the simplest in theory.
HotSpots are not reliable
Why is there a problem with wireless?
You can buy very long cat5 or cat 10 Ethernet cables
100 metre for a couple of dollars unreal if true

What's your budget?
Can you rent a 2nd projector/with screen  and hook them up together from one laptop?
There are two ways to make this happen:
Connect your laptop to Projector A, then use the "monitor out" port on Projector A to connect to Projector B input (with a long vga cable)
or Connect your laptop to a "vga da" unit, like this one
or this one
VGA/QXGA Compact Video Distribution Amplifier
 Then connect from output 1 of the "vga da" to Projector A input, and from output 2 of the "vga da" to Projector B input.
Either option works well. If Projector A and B are different models, you'll want to tweak the color and brightness so that they to match.
All the best
Have not had more time to work on it yet. Gonna try the GoToAssist or Teamviewer route.
Don't forget, both GoToAssist and Teamviewer require an Internet connection...
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Peter Andersen
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This is really good to hear pandersen.
Where there is a will there is a way.
Love it when an idea is explored and becomes successfully implemented.
You have saved them from experiencing that sucks your eyeballs out of the sockets feeling
Yes it worked Perfectly. I had many comments from folks.

-I have used Webex in the past and found it a little easier to set up as there is only 1 meeting number needed.
-GotoAssist needed a separate meeting number for each participant which threw me off slightly at first.

Either wired in from Projector to Projector or this as there isn't a better way at present? The Internet is also needed for this.
Well you made it this year ;)
Maybe you could look into a wired connected being installed over the next year.
What I was really looking for was a way to share without having to use the Internet. Thanks for all the suggestions but at this time the best way was to just use GoToAssist which needs Internet.