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php oop book above beginners html tutorial but below skill level of design patterns.

I have stopped future reading ( I am just reviewing oop chapters)
Because chapters at the end of book contain too many files
and one chapter is about curl (which I think is too practical not related to philosophical oop)

I think this book is beneficial, but I am stuck at an oop chapter and a single code example is taking me days and I am still not understanding.
Chapter 9 Generating Objects.
There are 23 chapters.
I skipped to future code examples and same.  I have run up to a wall.
Future chapters are design patterns which I do not understand

Those 2 books I have re read many times and I find I forget every single time I read.

I have also read
but ee experts do not like book because of mysql connection which is depricated.

I have these books coming in the mail design patterns all languages and in php

I will walk around with these books and I think I will forget the content right after I read because I think it is above my skill level.

So I am looking for a book where I can type code samples at home.
I am looking for something above the skill level
stefan mishook tutorial which takes 4 hours.

I am looking for a php oop book.
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code academy provides a text editor.
This would be great before when I started with dreamweaver.

Now that I am using an ide, code academy text editor makes me feel dizzy.

Plus it is some sort of test.
Based upon feedback of other experts (with exception of Ray who feels I should be investigating advanced design patterns), I feel I should be looking at a theoretical physical oop book that does not even have examples in a language.

Thanks for the points.  I feel like some things in programming are kind of res ipsa loquitor.  Without understanding all of the intermediate processes, we can look at the inputs and the outcomes and accept that these events always form a pattern.

Sidebar note -- now that I have looked at KillerPHP a little more, it looks pretty good and probably worth exploring.

All the best, ~Ray
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res ipsa loquitor.
something or someone being negligent

we can look at the inputs and the outcomes and accept that these events always form a pattern.
Maybe you think I should read a patterns book. I read Matt Zandstra chapter 9,10,11 about patterns.  
I understand that singleton should always use one (database connection)

.factory can chose a class

.composite combines two classes without inheritance

now these new patterns:

Fascade: hiding something from user/programmer

decorator: adding methods from another class to an object

there were other patters but I forgot seconds after reading

I think that killerphp is too short/easy
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The court holds that Doe does not have to prove anything beyond the fall itself.
The elevator evidently malfunctioned (it was not intended to fall nor is that a proper function of a correctly functioning elevator).
Jane was responsible for the elevator in every respect
So Jane's Corporation is responsible for the fall.
The thing speaks for itself: no further explanation is needed to establish the prima facie case.
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So I think you are saying the concepts I do not understand (chapter 4 and above in the matt zandstra book); I should regard them as fact and then read about design patterns.