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How to map a POP3 account to an email-enabled Group in Windows SBS2011

Microsoft Technet article "Move Exchange Server mailboxes and settings for Windows SBS 2011 Standard Migration" contains a note "Global Mailboxes are not supported in Windows SBS2011 standard. Instead you can map a POP3 account to a group that is enabled to send and receive email in Windows SBS2011 Standard." Yet it does not seem possible to do so. I have an email-enabled Group in AD called Sales which was migrated across from my old SBS2003 server. Group Type is Distribution and Scope is Universal (thought I've tried it at Domain Local and Global also to no avail); In EMC it shows up under the Distribution Groups within Recipient Configuration: properties show it members and its email address. In the Email Addresses tab its default SMTP address is and, taking ideas from some forums I searched, I tried adding an email address "sales@my-internal-domain.local" to no avail. An X400 entry also exists which I assume was migrated from the old server. Yet in the SBS Console/ POP3 Connector Properties, when I set up the appropriate POP connector to download the sales@ email from the hosting company, I am not offered the group in the drop-down list in the bottom box labelled "Windows SBS Email Account": only SBS users show up, not Groups. I tried fiddling in the SBS console a bit: On attempting to create a group called Sales it tells me it already exists (which it does in AD but not in the list in SBS under Gropus). So I'm stuck.
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Ok, deleted it and tried re-creating it using various methods but only really succeeded in going round in circles.
Method 1: Create the Dist Group in AD and assign members; Then in EMC /Recipient Config/Dist Group, Add a new group choosing the Existing option. The browse finds your new AD group (provided you have set the Scope as Universal) and creates a mailbox. So far so good. Then into SBS Console / Network / Connectivity/ POP3 Connector. Create your new POP3 connector for your DG and get as far as where it says "Choose an Email Account or distribution list that the specified POP3 mailbox account can deliver the Email to":  But alas your new DG does not appear for selection in the drop-down list.
Method 2: Create the Group in the SBS Console/ Users & Groups/ Groups. Sure, it now appears in the drop-down list in the POP3 Connector screen, but it doesn't add it as an actual mailbox in EMC. And you are unable to alter the email address suffix (the bit after the @) from the default domain which I need to do on this occasion.
Can't think of anything else to try: It just simply doesn't seem possible!
Although annoyingly the author of Q_28297603 claims to have found a solution, but does not say what it was!
Yea not sure what the purpose of the POP3 connector is for. Let's take a step back. What is the purpose for this distribution group?
So that all emails sent from outside to can find their way into the mailboxes of each user in the Sales group. This worked like clockwork for many years on the old SBS2003 server and now won't on the new SBS2011 box. What a step back in time! Some "upgrade"!!!
So, to clarify, you are using a POP connector to get email into your organization for every users you have on that server?

If so, any reason why you are not just delivering email directly to the server via MX DNS records? That is the standard way to get email into your organization.

The other thing to check is to go into the properties of your sales distribution group via EMC >> Recipient Configuration >> Distribution group. Under the Mail Flow tab, double click Message Delivery Restrictions. Make sure "Require that all senders are authenticated" is NOT selected.