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GUID copied from one table to another

Hello EEE
I have a GUID value that is retreived from a table1 that I am trying to insert into table2. Both the source and destination tables have the datatype uniqueidentifier. However, on an insert to table2,  this column is being set to null. Can we copy guid columns from one table to another? Or is the issue something else.

declare @myGUIDsrc uniqueidentifier

select  @myGUIDsrc = column1  from table1  <---- only one row and GUID value is returned

insert into table2 (column1, column2) values (@myGUIDsrc , 'TEST')
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Raja Jegan R
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Yes, we can insert GUID values from one table to another..
But you need to use another format to insert the records and use WHERE clauses as required..
insert into table2 (column1, column2) 
SELECT column1, 'TEST'
from table1

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The thing is I have these set up as a cursor.
Hi LuckyLucks,

I didn't get what you meant..
Can you kindly clarify..
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Tomas Helgi Johannsson
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