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Help needed on getting to a private IP from the NET via Sonicwall

I have an IP camera on my internal network with a 192 address. I have a public DNS called which, when I ping, I get to my firewall - all good so far.
I believe I now need to set up a NAT policy on my firewall to point the DNS name to my private IP, right?

I followed a youtube video and got lost with "original destination" - any step by step guides would help a great deal.

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First you have to look in your IP camera documention which ports need to be forwarded (usually at least port 80, and sometimes some additional ones).
The only thing you need to input is which port to forward, and to which IP (your IP camera's IP number). There are no names involved here.
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How does my firewall forward the traffic from the DNS name through to the private IP of the camera and how do I configure this in Sonic Firewall?
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So if it uses port 80 and port 80 is already open for http traffic - surely it is already getting to my internal network?
My Sonicwall is a NSA 240.
I thought port forwarding was done through the Firewall Access Rules not through NAT - it is NAT that is confusing me.

IF it uses port 80 AND port 80 is used for your webserver, you will have a problem! Then it's no use to continue, as it's not possible. IF you have only one public IP number that is.
The cam support just sent me this "The camera uses a P2P connection so you would not need to configure your firewall. To access your camera we just need the 20 digit UID code and the password.
If you want to forward the port for the camera, the ports start at 8150 and go up with each camera you have. "
So you still want to forward the port ? Or you want to use the UID/password ?
It still needs forwarding. The UID is only useful if you are already on the network e.g. you have plugged the camera into the same router you are browsing the Internet from.
No, the cam support clearly mentioned it, because they know about this situation. They have a website where you login with the UID and password, and you really don't have to use port forwarding.
The normal process is - plug cam into router, download app, enter UID and password.
BUT my cam is plugged into the network so it is not currently accessible via the net and I have not told them as much.
They just told me that they can in fact hit the camera on the URL so hold fire on this for the moment.

OK, this actually works.  The camera they sent me was broken, a new one works perfectly well without any firewall intervention.  Thank you very much for all your help.
Thanks for your help, this will be useful to refer back to if I need to do this in the future.