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Sort by filter in a calendar view in lotus notes database.

I have a calendar view in notes that contains entries for staff for when they are going to be out of the office for vacation, dentist or whatever.  The view allows you to view it be 2 days, weekly, month, etc.  The entries in the view are sorted by Name (other than date of course).  The entries allow for an account name as well.  now the entries are listed by name and reason and account name such as accnt1 or accnt2 or accnt3 etc.  But the entries are only sorted by name so the accounts are inter mixed.  Is there a way that I can have a filter button at the top that would allow me to filter on account ???  This way the account managers could filter on just there account and see whom is out of the office easier for just their account ???
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I'm thinking an action button at the top of the calendar view that contains something like this:
@Prompt([OKCANCELLISTMULT]; "Select a Name"; "Select one or more names as recipients for this request."; "Mary Tsen"; "Mary Tsen":"Bill Chu": "Michael Bowling":"Marian Woodward")

but using account name.  the user selects the account they want to see.  that value is then assigned to a variable that is assigned in a set view command like this:
choice:=@PickList([CUSTOM] : [SINGLE]; @DbName; "Resources";"View by Room or Resource";"Select the room or resource whose calendar you want to see:"; 1);
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See @SetViewInfo:
"In Calendar views, filters a view to display only documents that contain a specified string in a specified column."
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the $20 is just an example of the type of thing I'd do.   The actual prompt would be this:

choice@Prompt([OKCANCELLISTMULT]; "Select an Account to Filter on"; "Select one or more Accounts from the list."; "Accnt1"; "Accnt2":"Accnt3": "Accnt4":"Accnt5")


ooaccount is the column in the calendar view that contains the account names for the entries

I think that would work ??
lol... well I thought it would work.

It does nothing.  Here is a screen shot of the calendar view columns.
ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh... I GOT IT !!!!

the programatical column had and @If clause.  when I took that out and use the actual programmatic value..... the view filter worked !!
As always... your input and feedback is very much Appreciated !!
Splendid! You see, you're a Notes programmer after all. ;-)