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Capturing and deploying images on Surface Pro 2

I have a Surface Pro 2 that I have build the way I would like. I need to capture the image and deploy to 30 + other Surfaces. Normally I would use WDS, network boot to the capture image, capture the volume to WDS server, and deploy to others. I have the Microsoft network adapter and can PXE boot, but when I boot to the capture image (which I created from a Windows 8.1 Pro boot.wim) I click Next, and when I go to select the volume no volumes appear. I will go through the Enterprise deployment guide but I'm wondering if there's a quick fix of something simple that I'm missing. I also have downloaded all drivers from here:

and added all of them (around 30 drivers) to the capture image, thinking it may be needing a driver for the SSD, but still no luck. All help is appreciated.
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WDS will only capture SYSPREP'd drives.  And you cannot create an image unless the image was built using a volume license of Windows. Licensing prohibits imaging for deployment except when images are created from volume license installed media.
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