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What ONE tool will update an HP Proliant DL 580 G4's BIOS, firmware, etc.?

I am **not** asking about how to update drivers in Windows. I want to update drivers in hardware (aka BIOS, firmware, RAID controller driver, etc.) Do you know of an HP equivalent of Dell's SUU CD to either run from Windows or boot from that will evaluate current versions and offer updates as needed? I am already aware that SmartStart is a CD used to deploy a server, but this one is already deployed; if you know how to get SmartStart to update a system without installing an OS, plz let me know how, but first, plz show me how to determine I need it. I've already been to HP.COM; I see links for BIOS and firmware, but those say "entitlement required", and this server's warranty has already expired, and there is no "care pack" bought by my company. Is there anything easy and singular out there that can answer all questions about this box and just 'get it done' as needed? Thx.

WINMSD reports BIOS is "HP P59, 9/8/2006", and SMBIOS is 2.3.
HP PROLIANT DL580 G4 running Windows 2003 Ent SP2, 32bit, 8 GB RAM.
Serial number produces "out-of-warranty" at HP.COM.
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If that works, thank you!
1. Can I be sure it will work on the G4 version of the DL 580? Can I do it all from Windows, or do I have to boot from it?
2. Why do I want the Service Pack for Proliant and not the HP Smart Update?
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I'd use the firmware update CD, HP's support site is refusing to admit there is such a thing as a DL580 g4 for some reason so I had to get to the page via Google.  It may be out of data but the download site may work again in the next day or so. Note HP are going to restrict access to the firmware CD and to any BIOS updates so probably best to buy Dell next time.

Firmware CD 8.3
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Re: Seth's suggestion re: SPP:
      HP Tech Support (1-866-625-0242) told me that the SPP is good only for DL580 G5s and up. No points 4u.

Re: Andy's suggestion to use the firmware update CD:
       Thanks for the link, but my G4 is out of warranty; so, the link won't be a solution for me.
Yes, pain in the arse HP restricting access to stuff that was downloadable last year, I'm trying to download it from but it says it will take 4 hours. ( filename )

Regarding service pack for proliant the old proliant service pack (PSP) will work but again problem is getting hold of it with HP's website refusing to admit the server exists. Once you find the name of it Google will find it on a warez site for you. is the latest I can find but it's out of date although it's possible to put the latest firmware files on it and still use it.
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No solution found! HP is a great company; they must think nobody would be using a server after 10 years. So, they cut off support for it. Wonderful. Makes me a real fan. Mods, this case/question can be closed; no points. Andy produced a notable effort, but this org. I'm supporting won't accept unofficial solutions (warez, non HP-site, etc.). Kudos to AndyAlder anyway.
You can still tweak the one from - that's not a non-HP site. Just a lot of work putting each individual firmware file onto it (although it's not that hard if you make it into a USB stick).
First, the attitude isn't necessary.
Second, nobody guarantees systems that long.  Most do 5 years; some 7 though depends on vendor part availability.
What manufacturer is going to make computer parts that are long obsolete?  Distributors won't warranty that long.
Third, moderators don't often look at questions unless they are abandoned for a certain amount of time or someone files a request for attention.  If you can't get the answer you need (which appears that way here) then delete the question and ask HP support instead of taking people's comments from here then calling HP support and asking if it is correct.
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Hah! I'm not talking about parts; I'm talking about HP's refusal to allow downloads of the BIOS and firmware DVD ISOs on account of my server's expired warranty. Is there something wrong with thinking that HP sucks because they cut those downloads off? No there isn't. This DL580 G4 probably cost $10,000 brand new.  It's just another example of a company charging for something just because they think they can.

Using EE and vendor support at the same time or in the order of my choosing just makes sense especially when both can fail as well as succeed. In this case, neither EE nor HP support helped. Anyway, I pay $100 annually for EE; sometimes a few extra responses produce insights and angles I never knew about.
It really is anti-competitive practice by HP, but they're just following the industry trend started by Oracle when they bought Sun. Dell are getting on the bandwagon too now from what I hear of people not getting lifetime support any more. Cisco have always refused free firmware upgrades so at least you knew you'd be tied into lifetime support if you bought their servers.

I'm still unsure as to the legality of it, HP's maintenance arm is allowed the tools but third party maintainers aren't. Anti-competitive practice such as that isn't legal in most of the world. Pretty sure it's not legal to refuse you a copy of the DVDs that the server came with or backdated BIOS/firmware that was the latest at the time warranty expired. They still provide "security" and "safety" updates free.

Like I said before though the DVD that came with it (or the download from the FTP server) can be put onto a USB stick and then the latest files copied onto it, you can even edit the XML package files on it so that you pick a firmware bundle rather than individual updates. I maintained my own firmware USB stick for many years that way (well before HP refusing to give you the latest stuff) simply because editing the stick was less downloading than modifying it every other week and because it was more up to date than the DVD which only came out every few months.

At least they have fixed the webserver so you can see what files are the latest even if you can't have them, that wasn't anti-competitive practice but a bug on the download site.
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NOTE to MODS: This question has not been abandoned! There has been no solution, and it is to be closed as-is.
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