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How do I set Firewall rules on a Windows 2008 Server that only a particular server can establish SSH connection.

I don't know much about setting up an SSH server, but I've been tasked to do so. I am a Jr SysAdmin, and want to learn as much as I can.

The assignment:
1. Install SSH server on Windows Server 2008 R2. I will be working with a developer who will install FreeSSH on this server.
2. My part will be to implement firewall rules on the Windows 2008 Server. That is where I do not have much knowledge as I am still learning. How do I setup firewall rules on this server so that only a particular server (an Unbuntu server) can establish an SSH connection? Can you explain step by step? I know we have to allow port 22. Do we create inbound and outbound rules or just inbound? Please provide detailed steps.

As an example, lets say the IP for the Unbuntu server is Can you instruct me step-by-step in setting up the firewall rules so this server can establish an SSH connection? Thank you.
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Your answer was exactly what I needed. Thank you for that. Now, just one more question. Since this developer does not have access to Production servers, I must do the installation of the SSH server. Again, i am an Jr Admin in my 6 months of experience, so I need to know using the scenario in the previous comments.

1. Do i install SSH on the 2008 Server? I know to implement the firewall rule now so I do not need that answer.

2. How do I install FreeSSH on this server? I believe that was the one the Developer loaded on the test server.

3. Once the SSH server is installed, is a reboot required? This is a  Production server I will install on. Could something like SSH be installed on this server without affecting production? What are your thoughts on that?

Do you have a link to how to install Free SSH on the server? I can google it but you've been so helpful, I like your answers better than google.