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Infinite Scroll Back Button

Hi guys,

I am using infinite scroll like this

			  loading: {
						finished: undefined,
						finishedMsg: "<em>Congratulations, you've reached the end of the internet.</em>",
						img: "",
						msg: null,
						msgText: "<em>Loading.</em>",
						selector: null,
						speed: 'fast',
						start: undefined
			navSelector  : "#nav-below",            
						   // selector for the paged navigation (it will be hidden)
			nextSelector : "div .nav-previous a:first",    
						   // selector for the NEXT link (to page 2)
			itemSelector : ".article"          
						   // selector for all items you'll retrieve
		  // unbind normal behavior. needs to occur after normal infinite scroll setup.
				return false;

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Which works perfectly except for the back button, any suggestions this is a wordpress site


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Try this:
//Click event to scroll to top
	$('html, body').animate({scrollTop : 0}, 800);
	return false;

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Assumes you have this in your template:
<p class="scroll-to-top"><a href="#" >Scroll to top</a></p>

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Hi Eemit,

I am not sure how this will work,

The problem is the user scrolls through a number of pages using infinite scroll

so for example he scrolls to page 10 and clicks through to a post , when the back button is used the user is back on page one
Put that in jQuery(document).ready function e.g.:
	// put the code I posted in here.

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but i dont want to scroll to the top?
Oh sorry! my bad!
no problem
Did you saw how Facebook and Google+ handled this issue ?
is it hash bang or?
Are you using the Infinite Scroll plug-in, or something hand-rolled?

What version of WordPress are you using?
using the js from

I wonder if that problem is related to this post:

Screw Hashbangs: Building the Ultimate Infinite Scroll
Thanks Bob I seen  that, found it tough to understand, we didnt bother implementing it in the end
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Bob Learned
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