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Vlookup (reverse?)

Sheet (result) displays a number of sales orders (1 row per order).

Column F displays the list of stock codes that have sold. There will be a number of duplicates throughout the column because there are multiple orders for multiple products.

I want to add some additional stock codes to the end of this column.

Sheet (file margin) displays all of my available stock codes. A number of these codes will appear in (col F) on the (result ) sheet.


I would like all of the codes from col A (file margin) that don't appear in (col F result ) to be added to the bottom of col F (result) from cell F:22014 downwards
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Rob Henson
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In a spare column insert the following formula:


copy down existing list.

Those that are in column F will return a number, those that aren't will return #NA. Filter on this column for the #NAs and then copy and paste from Col A to Col F.

Rob H
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Sorry, I tried this but it didn't seem to work.

Could anyone be as kind to make the changes on the attached sheet?
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Glenn Ray
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