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Erase UNIX Harddrive

I have some stand alone AIX(AIX 5.2) production server with a root and other disks, What is the most efficient way to erase the hard drive. Please suggest me of all possible means.
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Gerwin Jansen
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What kind of hardware is this? Can you boot from USB or CDROM?

My suggestion would be to get a boot cd and erase from there.


Like gparted bootcd or ultimate bootcd
Most server RAID controllers include utilities that allow you to do something like a "low-level" format on the disks.
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If you just need to make the drives available for use again, gparted or fdisk and removing all partitions is good enough.

If you need to make sure that the data is not recoverable, you will want to "scrub" it with tools like shred or wipe.

You can burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB with SystemRescueCD that will allow you to use any of these:
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If this disk is a root disk...????
If the disk is the root disk then the command will wipe it and eventually you won't be able to run anything.  You can change the command to not include the root disk, or you could remove the for loop and run the dd on the disk or disks you wish to wipe.
Come on guys, AIX does not run on PCs (ROFL)
You need AIX boot media. 1st disk allows to run a shell and dd zeroes to disk.
Alternatively connect disks so scsi/sas/ssa controller of a desktop pc and erase with cheapo tools offered above.
It depends why you are erasing the disk?

If it is to reuse/repurpose the disks then the software routes already suggested are fine.

If it is to dispose of the disks then a hammer or even better a metal shredder is the most secure way.
Fire is good too...