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Monitoring CMTS and DOCSIS cable modems

We provide TV services to hospital and hotel by using interactive TVs. Each TV is equipped with a cable modems that communicate with a CMTS installed along with servers in  local  head end where we distribute RF signal.  Our major issue is being able to monitor the SNR and cable modems (DOCSIS)  in each site and be able to be proactive for eventual problems.
I was looking for a light (free) SNMP and DOCSIS monitoring software (or script) to install in each servers headend that periodically monitors SNR values and cable modems parameters. I am not looking for powerful SNMP fancy graphic software but rather a SNMP script whose information can be used against an internal  SQL database to locate the TVs location.

thank you for your help....
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this is a good resource to start off with tools and scripts

(pretty old but thought worth sharing) DocsDiag is a program for reading diagnostic data from DOCSIS cable modems. It should work with any DOCSIS-compliant cable modem that has SNMP access available to the end-user. It will be of primary benefit to end-users with cable modems that do not offer diagnostics via web

ISG Tools provides shell and cgi scripts for cable ISPs. Modem/host search (wildcard support), diagnostics, IP logging (w/cgi search interface), flap stats etc

DOCSIS Engineer Systems Toolkit (DEST) is being written with testing in mind of DOCSIS CPE devices. The objective is to allow testing with ease by providing Docsis Engineer’s easy access tools needed in their day to day testing.
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Thank you for your replaying.
Yes I am aware of  DocsDiag script and I think it is a great tool but, as you just said, it is used to read data from Cable Modem. What I am actually looking for is simple SNMP scripts to run off the CMTS (we use a C9 network device) which already shows a real time status table of all the cable modems (on line and off line). This Script would have to retrieve that table's values and compare them  with some threshold's ones and send alerts in case.  My curiosity is to know if somebody ever developed a SNMP script whose output information can be managed.

thank you for your help.
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The script in ID: 40076611 is shared as requested. Pls considered and pls consider as answered