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How to figure out if a date is within 30 days in php

Hi all.

I have a php script that displays records in a table. I want to be able to show specific records in yellow when the field: InsuranceExpiration is within 30 days of expiration.

What is the correct php syntax to figure out when a date (i.e. InsuranceExpiration) is within 30 days?

Thank you in advance!
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This answer (and much more) about date and time is shown in this article.  PHP date() and strtotime() play together in ways that are almost magical.  To use them correctly keep all of your internal date/time representations in ISO-8601 format.

Be aware that PHP and MySQL keep the date and time separately.  You may want to verify how close or far apart the servers are.

$future = date('c', strtotime('TODAY + 30 DAYS'));
if ($insuranceExpiration < $future) $displayStyle .= ' yellow';
// etc... 

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