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Cannot point apache server to new source content on port 8082

Experts, I'm stumped.  I have three websites configured to listen on ports 8080-82.

I changed the content folder of port 8082 and now I receive "It works.  This is the default web page for this server.  ...No content has been added yet."

If I move the content to the virtual host on port 8080, no problem.  In fact, ANY content on port 8082 produces the same, "No content..." result.  

The file permissions are identical on all the folders.

What have I missed?
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Dave Baldwin
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What OS?  How did you set up the virtual hosts?
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Set up using Webmin on Ubuntu (Linux Mint 15).  What sort of info do you require?
I hadn't thought of using Webmin.  On my Ubuntu systems, I just create the virtual hosts files in the proper directory and I think I have to run some Apache program that creates links between the 'available hosts' directory and the 'in-use hosts' directory.  I always set up hosts in the 'user' directories.  Are you doing that or putting them all in 'var/www'?
I have a separate drive, w/ a folder named, "web" (+ the subfolders for my various websites).  The permissions on all the subfolders are the same.  The folder that I am trying to test works great on 8080 and 8081, but on port 8082 ANY content folder is being ignored.

It always used to, but then I wanted to test some major changes I was developing in Eclipse.   I copied the files from my home folder back to the server folder, and BANG!  Now I can't get a thing to run on this virtual host.  I've deleted and re-created, but I'm just repeating the error, whatever it is.
That is, port 8082 always used to deliver content.  But not now.
That's kind of complicated to me.  Do the first two Vhosts on 8080 and 8081 still work?
That's the mystery, Dave.  The first two hosts work.  I can point them to any content folder and serve it up on the web.

Port 8082, however, will NOT.  Where do I start troubleshooting?
Double check the details.  Something isn't really the same.
K.  I THINK they're the same, but as my wife says, "Honey, you don't really look."
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Failed to apply changes :

[Mon May 19 13:37:03 2014] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:8081 has no VirtualHosts
[Mon May 19 13:37:03 2014] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:8080 has no VirtualHosts
(99)Cannot assign requested address: make_sock: could not bind to address
no listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs

OK, so now there's an error to work with.  Generally this occurs b/c the general config file has two references to the same port number.  I'll check and get back.
Sorry to have taken so long.  I deleted the corrupted server configuration and started again.  All good.