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Apple Mac Computers cannot successfully print to Lanier MPC2500 Copier

I have a client business who has 2 Apple Mac computers running iOS10.8.5.
They also have a PC laptop.
They have recently changed their copier to a Lanier MPC2500 Copier.  It is networked and it can be seen on the Network through the web browser fine.

The laptop can successfully print and scan from and to this copier.
However when we try to print to the copier from either of the Apple computers it continuously prints out pages of either blank of random text.  I have downloaded the latest version of the Apple ppd drivers from the Lanier website.  I have also downloaded the drivers from the Konica website as the copiers are apparently the same.

They did advise that they used to have the same model machine but without some of the features that this replacement one has.  They figured it would just print straight away but find this issue.

I am not a full bottle on Mac systems.  I am assuming we need to try and delete or uninstall the drivers for this machine that are in the systems at the moment, then re-install them from the respective website.  

Can someone advise how I uninstall printer drivers from individual Apple machines.  

Or if you think there is another issue, please let me know.

The PC laptop can print and scan to and from this copier after I upgraded the printer drivers for it.
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pages of either blank of random text
If you send PostScript to a PCL printer it will print reams of PS text. The first page will have "%! PS Adobe" on it. If that is what's happening, then the printer has been set up to accept only PCL, or it does not have the PS option installed. As there seems to be no PCL driver for OSX, you will need to install the PS option.

If you do have the option installed:

As the printer supports PS, the best driver to use is the LaserWriter driver that ships with the Mac. All you need to make that work is the PPD. Lanier have a "PPD installer". That should do no more than installing the PPD file (a text file that tells the LW driver what features the printer has). However, I do not have a Mac to try it.

I assume you have the PPD, in which case adding the printer should let you select the printer model (i.e. the PPD) and install it. If this is what you have done, something has gone wrong somewhere.

Start by installing a "Generic PostScript Printer". That will work with any PS printer, but it will treat it like a very basic mono printer. If that prints correctly (in mono, A4) then you may have a faulty PPD file. As it is a text file you can copy the file from a Windows installation of the PS file. Search under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 for *.PPD.

If the printer has the PS option but is set for PCL, point your browser at the printer's IP address and set it for something like "automatic language switching". That way it will recognise both PCL and PS.
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Thanks for the feedback.  I will go onsite later today and see how it goes.

I am pretty sure it is set-up for PCL printing only as that is what I was able to set-up on the PC laptop.  The PC laptop was also having that issue initially, but I was aware that was the issue for the PC laptop and fixed it.

As Mac does not have a PCL driver that is where I got stuck.

Can both PCL and PS option be installed on a copier or only one or the other?
PCL is standard, and PS is an option. So yes, you can have both.
Is it a setting on the machine to toggle
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OK I have tried multiple times to installed the PPD installer from the Lanier website and no luck.  I could not find an option for activating or installing PS driver on the machine.  The above comment explains to me why.

I am completely stuck now as I do not understand MAC as much as I understand PC systems.

This just sounds all too hard. Something I have always thought with MAC.  Why do they make it so hard to be able to print to mainstream printers!!!!!
I know the issue is definitely to do with the fact that the printer does not have post script printing, only PCL printing  but I always thought it was the other way around in that post script printing was standard but PCL had to be licensed
sorry I just remembered I was thinking of UFRII printing. that is standard on printers isnt it?  I am presuming then that Mac does not recognise that protocol?
Postscript is the UNIX standard.
Mac OSX is based on UNIX.
Postcript is mainstream, but some Printers are tailored for Windows clients.
Postscript is a much more precise language than PCL
PCL is not the worst, Windows GDI printers are a nightmare.

If you install Ghostscript and then Foomatic RIP packages from the link I gave you, it will then be possible to add the printer.

Ghostscript is a Ghostscript interpreter. Foomatic is a multi purpose Raster image processor.

I have done it for customers who only have one or two Macs or Linux PCs and can't justify the expense of the Postscript option.
The price is a licensing fee, based on the volume of expected printing, which is why many small SOHO printers have Postscript as standard. (although many use a Postscript emulation)
A more direct link:

The Lanier MP C2500 is actually a "badged" Ricoh MP C2500.
Without the PS option the PPD installer will not work. The ghostscript option as described by Wylie is the only other alternative.
Just so I have this right (I'm trying to print to a Lanier MP C6502)…

Install the Ghostscript File
Then the Foomatic File
Then add the printer.

I did that, but is there a step I'm missing? As in choosing which driver to use, etc.

And wyliecoyoteuk if I understand correctly, this should get me around needing to purchase the PostScript SD card? I'm the only Mac on our whole campus and would really like to print to the big machine as I'm printing often and am currently stuck with only printing from a coworkers desk printer.

Thanks for any and all help.
You need to select the correct ppd