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Windows Outlook 2013 will not open

We have a user who's outlook professional 2013 will not open. Says "Microsoft Outlook has stopped working" etc. and then it closes. After a KB was installed it happened (KB2760539). However further exacerbated the problem by installing newer updates including windows 8.1 in hopes of it fixing the issue. Now we cannot uninstall that KB at all, and I don't even see it. I couldn't find the registry location for it either. I would rather not go back to a last good configuration date because we would like to have the computer updated and we would be going back to a very far point in time. All of the newest updates have been installed for the OS and Office. Any ideas?
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Ok I was hoping to not have to do that but I guess its my next step. Outlook does crash now in any profile.
Outlook 2013 (Office 2013) works fine and reliably on my Windows 8.1.1 Pro 64-bit machine.

If your Windows 8 machine is 64-bit (likely), make sure Office is still the 32-bit version as Microsoft continues not to advise 64-bit Office except in special circumstances. Everything nearby Office 64-bit (Adobe, Flash, Java and so on must also be 64-bit and that is often hard to do).

Uninstall Office again, restart, and run System File Checker. Open an admin command prompt and run SFC /SCANNOW. Allow to complete. Restart and run again if errors remained the first time. If you run again, restart again and run the Office install again.

Check what anti virus you are using. I use Symantec Endpoint Protection with no issue. I think Kaspersky needs to be the very newest version fully up to date for Windows 8.1 (so also does Symantec).
This is great I will do this this week and advise on my outcome. Thanks.
Ok I uninstalled and it appears everything is removed but It is not. I am trying to re-install Office as 32 bit, but it is saying there are still 64 bit office components and it cannot re-install. I originally had 64 bit in there. I ran everything above including the scan which said I had no errors. But now I cannot install the 32 bit office. Please see my attached screen shots of the message, and also my file explorer programs. I don't see anything out of ordinary that would cause this message. Where else can I check to uninstall or delete programs that would conflict with the new 32 bit install?
It is also giving me available updates to install for office 64-bit still, so something must be left behind that I am not seeing.
see attached
What I would try here is a force uninstall of Office 2013 64-bit. I looked for just that and the Microsoft Support article below has a Fix It to assist with this. See if the article and Fix It gets Office uninstalled.
@JessicaWatters  - Thank you and I was happy to help.