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SERVICES in Server 2008 Standard SP2 Doesn't respon

Hi experts,

 I have a server running windows server 2008 standard 32-bit SP2. It had 2 drives in mirror raid1. One of the drives failed so I removed it now the systems boots to the desktop but I see a lot of services are not starting up. I have no network connection even though the network card driver is loaded and there is no conflict. When I go to look at the SERVICES it doesn't load  it's just stuck in "not responding". Also when I go to System it doesn't display how much ram the server has or even the workgroup. Please help.

i forgot to mention, I can ping the server by name and ip address from another workstation. but I have an red X on the network icon on the taskbar of the server???
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Quick question:
Do you have powershell on this server ?

We could do a quick test of which services are not running but should be, that will help with troubleshooting.

I would also recommend a reboot and then checking the system and application event logs to see what errors you see as the first ones that pop up.
When was the last time you've rebooted the server? It could be that the file system has been having errors for a longer period but you didn't notice until your've had to reboot because of the drive failure.

Is there a chance that you've removed the wrong drive (the working one)? That could cause the issues you're describing.

Do you have a backup that you can use to recover your server once you've installed new drives?

What kind of raid software do you use and what does it display for the remaining drive in the system?
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i restored from backups, thanks!