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windows authentication from a different domain for SQL Server Login

Hi experts,

I have two independent domains in my lab environment. (Lets call them DomainA and DomainB) What I need to do is to is to create a Login on SQL Server who is a member of Domain B. The issue is the Login has to be of a type 'Windows Authentication' and the Login name should represent a server in Domain A. So basically, it will be domainNameA\Server1A$

However, when I click the Search on SQL Server Login - New window, I only get the Directory of Domain B.

I completed the zone creation activities with DNS. What I need is an active directory integration of some sort to be able to complete the search for my Login name and set it as a 'Windows authentication' login type.

Thank you in advance
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I think you need to enable "'Allow remote connections to this computer" within SQL management studio. It can be enable from right click the instance name (after login to SQL studio)>>properties>>connections.
without a trust relationship it cannot be done and you must use a sql server login
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