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Citrix Applications are not launching from one place.

Hi All,

We have a strange issue. We have farm where one of server is behaving in a strange manner. All the applications from the server are not getting launched via Citrix (XenApp5.0 over Windows 2003, 32 bit).

If I launch the application from US, They are launching actually from inside the network. But when I try from India site (Connected to US network via VPN) they are not launching. I can see the server is getting sessions but finally the application does not show up. This is happening even if I launch from Internet.  One more thing is that after some time, the session goes away from the server automatically.

I can go to the server over rdp. I can even telnet the server from Citrix Gateway (Located in DMZ) to port 8080.

What should I do now?
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Dirk Kotte

8/22/2022 - Mon
Sekar Chinnakannu

Check and make sure that when you connect through  vpn try to telnet 1494 port to server. If possible check with firewall team and make sure they have enabled the route to citrix server.
Ayman Bakr

1. Check whether the IMA service is up and running on that server or not.
2. Check for any errors thrown in the event viewer of that server and the web interface. Provide event IDs and details if possible
3. Please provide more of the architecture (is India site on a different zone for example? Are they on one zone? How many Web Interface servers are you using? A schema of your architecture will be very helpful)

Let's see your responses and we'll take it from there.
Dirk Kotte

how explained by Sekar Chinnakannu: check port 1494 from DMZ (CSG/CAG) and from india. within telnet you should see ICA..ICA.....
also check port 2598 (Session reliability) from boot locations. With telnet you should see a blank (black) screen.
Booth protocols are used for the session.
Port 8080 is usefull, but for XML (application enumeration) only.
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William Peck

Hi All,

Well this is what I have,

1. IMA service is running fine on the server.
2. TELNET result for connection from CSG (DMZ) is OK for 1494, 8080.
3. Checked with Firewall team, they have not made any change in firewall for last 6 weeks.
4. There is no event in Event Viewer on the server as well as Web Interfaces
6. Here is the schematic diagram of the Network
               Network7.  One interesting observation: I can see the session is getting connected and then after some 3-4 min it gets disconnected.
8. Steps that are taken till now:

a) taken out the server from the farm and re-connect.
b) started IMA and recreatelhc
c) un-installed  Symantec from the server.
d) disable firewall.

Any Idea?
Ayman Bakr

I was actually hoping to give us an overview of the XenApp environment architecture - No. Of servers  in each site, how are they located, are they in one zone, how many web interface servers, are there any CAG or CSG, if yes where are they located, etc...?

Anyway, coming back to your issue, there might be many reasons for the sessions getting closed immaturely. The least likely of these is your server load is getting high so quickly. Use qfarm /load  to see whether the server is approaching the threshold number 10000.

Do  you have EdgeSight agent installed on that server? This might be another reason. Check this to resolve the issue: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX139150

The client you are connecting from might be the issue - check this discussion:

Have you tried connecting to that server from a different client PC, or a different plugin/receiver?

Hope the above would give you a clue in the right direction.
Dirk Kotte

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