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Command and Conquer Series - Generals Online

So, I'm old enough to remember playing a game called Command and Conquer -- Generals Online; and loved it.  Realistic, it was like playing 21st century Chess with people around the world on different landscapes and scenarios.  But EA Games apparently threw away the franchise and tried to evolve it into something where their client base imploded.  Here's my question.  I can go into a store and still buy C&C - Generals.  In fact, I can get 17 games for $19.95.  But is the C&C server still up to play C&C Generals on line?  Does anyone miss this game besides me (and I'm really not a gamer)???

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You can use GameRanger to connect, but honestly I don't know how many are still playing. I know people that still play Generals in LAN parties, but not online.

But, if you like strategy games online, get Starcraft and Broodwar. It's about $5 and you can still find players. Get ready to lose a lot, though, as the remaining ones have a lot of experience.

Starcraft 2 has a healthy player base and you can usually play against players your level.

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Dan's right, EA/Origin took down online play when Gamespy closed but there are still loads of C&C players online either through direct VPN connections or via alternative hosts that have sprung up including GameReplays and GameRanger.  This includes support for Generals.

You'll need a registry patch from the site you want to use (or you can edit it manually) as the default install on the Multipacks is setup for Gamespy still but it's pretty straightforward.  EA's support forum for C&C included a Generals section and each of the hosts has their own forum for support - you'll find a lot of enthusiasts for the genre out there.

(You're definately not alone! Every now and again I'll have a play on Westwood's C&C  just for the memories :))
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Man!  That's great!  So do the Hosts charge for the service?  Which one do you recommend?  Do I simply install C&C and then "link" to the C&C server?


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Great!  Thank you...... Just downloaded the SW.

Appreciate the help.