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Configuring Exchange 2013 to allow scan to Internet email.



I'm running an Exchange 2013 server.  


We have a scanner that has scan to email functionality.  Currently it is able to successfully scan to internal email addresses.  


I need to configure Exchange 2013 to allow the scanner to scan to external email address on the Internet.  What are the correct steps to accomplish this?


Thanks in advance.



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Casey Weaver
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You'll need to setup a receive connector for the scanner that allows anonymous, make sure to lock it down to only the IP of the scanner. I will say that most anti-spam filters will block emails from a scanner bed (because scanners don't authenticate they are viewed as a spam source).

Could you maybe set up an auto forwarder rule in exchange? You could set up an automatic forwarding rule with Outlook for the exchange account that the scanner is bounding off of. This is much more likely to make it through anti-spam filters.
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In theory, if your device is capable of sending to an email address, the device is not capable of routing the emails.

The emails are handled by your exchange server and treated as any other email, meaning: if your address is internal it will stay in the organization if not it should be queued for external delivery automatically.  The only thing I will recommend is to give the device a name and a valid email within the organization and create a rule on your exchange to forward emails to the given address of the device to a human in case some reply to the email.  This in case the device doesn't have a "reply to" setting.
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Thank you suriyaehnop,

Your response/solution was perfect.

Thank you!!  Perfect resolution.