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Entering date data into Excel

How do you enter date into a cell with no slash or full stop and EXCEL converts it to the correct format, i.e. enter it as ddmmyy and it displays as dd/mm/yyyy.  This is so easy in ACCESS so I can only assume I'm just missing something.
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To Enter current date in Excel
you have to do is
 select cell, then press ctrl and semicolon( ; ) then current date will be printed
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Sorry, I don't mean just the current date.  I want to be able to key in for example 150614 and Excel converts this to 15/06/2014.
To enter any date you have to do is
write this command

must remember to start with equal to sign,
here 1990 is the year
12 is the month of year
and 23 is the day of month
 it display result as 23-12-1990
I live in New Zealand so am going home for the night now.  Will check tomorrow for any comments.  Thank you Steve for your response.
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Thanks for this.  Attached is myfinal solution based on your sample formula.  I needed to modify it a bit to handle the data entered as only 16 digits, i.e. 220314 not 22032014
Sorry, I meant 6 digits, not 16 digits!
thanks again Steve for your quick response.  Love EE ! ! !