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Apple Macbook Pro New Harddrive not recognized by Disk Utility

I have installed a new hard drive in a MacBook Pro but the drive is not been recognized by disk utility when connected internally.

If I attach the drive via a external SATA dock the drive is recognized and can load OSX successfully.
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Sounds like you have not connected it properly. Did you follow the instructions for your model of MacBook here:  ?

Please give more details. Is the disk formatted in Mac format? Does it have OS X on it? What are you using to boot your computer and run disk utility? I assume not the drive in question.
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There's no incorrect way of installing a hard drive as there's only one connector which can only be installed one way.

The hard drive was formatted to Mac Extended Journaled via an external dock, i am using Internet recovery (Command +R) on bootup. Disk Utility does not show the hard drive when connected internally. i have tried another hard drive and same problem occurs yet when i install the original hard drive back it gets recognized.
Was the partition map set to GUID?
Also, I still don't quite understand what you are trying to do. If the drive is already formatted, why do you need disk utility? Are you just trying to install a fresh system onto the drive? If so, why not connect it externally and just install by downloading the Mavericks installer to the original drive and choosing the external as the target for the installation?
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