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Why do some Citrix users log in take so much longer than others

We have some users that take up to a 2 minutes for their Citrix desktop to load, and other that load in 9 seconds.  One of the users I deleted her user folder on the Citrix server but that didn't help.

How do I determine and fix the load problem?
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do you edgesight? if so try to check logon time details and its easily we can fine which process taking more time using session start up duration details.
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Check the size of the profiles of your users. Compare both profile sizes of the fast login vs the slow login. I bet you'll find the latter profiles so large!!

Those users need to remove unnecessary large files from their desktops and Documents.

Configure Folder Redirection in your environment, this will help a lot.

Also try moving to a better profile management solution like Citrix Profile Management.
I deleted the users folder in C:/users on both Citrix servers.  This didn't help at all so I'm guessing there is another location I need to look at?  Also I switched to Citrix Profile Management a few months ago.  Is there something in there that I need to configure?
Use this tool to see if your Citrix UPM is optimally configured:
I ran  it  (I think) but have no idea how to interpret it.
It's attached
Never mind.  I found the instructions to run it.  When I type Get-ExecutionPolicy, it responds "restricted"
If you use Citrix User Profile Manager (UPM) and you do not configure anything, meaning you just use it 'out-of-the-box' you will run into issues for sure. As examples, the Temporary Internet Folders and the cookies will roam with the UPM and the more files you have on these the longer the logon will take.
Check under the UPM store (the path you used to point to the location where UPM will save the profiles) and under any user check his UPM_Profile folder for its size and number of files. In a properly configured environment, with folder redirection used together with UPM, the UPM profile should be under 20MB making for very fast logons.

Cláudio Rodrigues
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Now we are getting somewhere.  I found the users profile on one of the Citrix servers but not the other   Shouldn't it be on both?  I removed the server from the farm that had her profile and then logged on as her to the server without her profile and it still didn't create a folder for her,

However, deleting her folder on the other Citrix server fixed the loading time.
Things that will help in improving logon times in Citrix UPM is looking at settings such as Profile Streaming and Local cache. But you need to consider implications of these. See the discussion here:

To set Folder redirection please read my article here:

What you deleted was a local copy of the profile. Please check the profile from the network were you are saving it.
The Citrix profiles are not stored on the Network only on the Citrix server.  I still need to know why only one server has user profiles.
I didn't think this could be done, but anyway you are defying the purpose of Citrix UPM. This way each user will have profiles the number of your servers. Note that this will have serious implications:
1. As profiles grow you are jeopardizing server HD space
2. Users will not see their settings preserved
3. User documents set will differ on each server and your users will be wondering why their document they created yesterday is not available today

You need to setup a network store for your user profiles and configure your Citrix UPM properly. Please also check the link in my previous comment for some configuration decisions. For best results you also need to redirect user documents, desktop and favorites ( maybe application data too) - follow the last steps in my article here:
just to be clear, I use Tricerat Simplify Desktop.  So all the users desktops are easy for me to configure.  Their profiles are stored on the Citrix servers but they are not allowed to store any files there, because I have a policy that restricts access to "C".  All their files are stored on a separate file server.

I will read your articles and post later
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Cláudio Rodrigues
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Thanks, Claudio.  That is helpful