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SQL code is not summarizing totals by group

I know I'm missing something simple, but am not seeing it.  I'm starting with a table (called view_project_with_attributes) and it has one record per fund - a total of about 4100 funds.  I'm trying to bring in the balances for a couple of account codes so have done a sub query where I am summing the dollars and grouping by the projectdimid (which is the fund).  Instead of getting 4100 records, I'm getting over a million.  I've tried doing this code multiple ways and it just isn't working.  What am I missing?

SELECT        View_Project_with_Attributes.ProjectDimID, View_Project_with_Attributes.ProjectID, View_Project_with_Attributes.ProjectDescription,
                         View_Project_with_Attributes.ProjClass, View_Project_with_Attributes.ProjCollege, View_Project_with_Attributes.ProjDept, Q1400.Balance1400,

FROM            View_Project_with_Attributes
                             (SELECT        ProjectDimID, SUM(NaturalAmount) AS Balance1400
                               FROM            FACT_GLTransactionDistribution
                               WHERE        (AccountCode = '1400') AND (PostDate <= '3/31/14') AND (AccountCategorySystemID IN ('1'))
                               GROUP BY ProjectDimID) AS Q1400 ON View_Project_with_Attributes.ProjectDimID = Q1400.ProjectDimID
                             (SELECT        ProjectDimID, SUM(NaturalAmount) AS Balance1405
                               FROM            FACT_GLTransactionDistribution AS FACT_GLTransactionDistribution_1
                               WHERE        (AccountCode = '1405') AND (PostDate >= '7/1/01') AND (PostDate <= '3/31/14') AND (AccountCategorySystemID IN ('1'))
                               GROUP BY ProjectDimID) AS Q1405 ON View_Project_with_Attributes.ProjectDimID = Q1400.ProjectDimID

HAVING        (View_Project_with_Attributes.ProjClass IN ('Endowed', 'Quasi Endowed', 'Endowed - Non Invested'))
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You are right.  I know better than that - too many things going on.  Thanks for the catch on this.
Very quick reply and perfect answer.
in support only:

a "having clause" is for conditions that can only exist after the group by is applied
e.g. having sum(value) > 100
that sum(...) can only be evaluated after grouping the data
That was quick, on my screen the date/times look like I answered before you asked the question?
Asked on	2014-05-21 at 16:17:14 ID: 28439127
Answered	2014-05-21 at 14:55:48 ID: 40082022

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you are a qualified mind reader? very useful
Hey - I needed an answer fast and you gave it super fast!  Just didn't realize how fast.  Thanks again for the assist.