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Please Help Me Understand! Distribution Lists do no Appear in GAL

Hello Exchange Experts!

I have a strange issue with Distribution Lists and Address Lists.


Here's my setup:
Exchange 2010 - fully upgraded and clustered: CAS, DAG, Load Balanced, etc.

We use Address Book Policies to populate Address Lists and the OAB

Here's the scenario:
I have multiple clients hosted from an Exchange Cluster. To populate the GALs and ALs, I use a distribution list which is added to the user's Active Directory "Member Of" Profile. here's an example of the shell command I use to create the lists:

New-GlobalAddressList "Global Address List" -RecipientFilter {(MemberOfGroup -eq '$groupidentity') -and (IsMailboxEnabled -eq $true)}

My Issue:
Some GALs populate with Distribution Lists without any issue. However, there are a number of GALs that do not show any Distribution Lists, at all. I'm quite confused on what's going wrong, or if I'm doing the Address List population a valid way.


Thank you in advance for your assistance! I will be available to answer any questions you have!
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New-GlobalAddress list will create an additional Global Address List. Now you have 2 Global Address List right.

New-GlobalAddressList "Global Address List" -RecipientFilter {(MemberOfGroup -eq '$groupidentity') -and (IsMailboxEnabled -eq $true)}

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Your new GAL will consists of recipients with mailbox enabled and member of DL. The DL provided in $groupidentity. Based on my understanding, your new GAL will only contains mailbox not distribution.
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Thanks for the reply. You're correct we have many GALs, one for each client we host. Both User and Distribution Lists are members of the DL from $groupidentity. Some of the GALs will show the users and DLs, but others will not...
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Figured out the issue - See my comment for explanation.