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I need help with extracting data from the body of emails in a specific folder

I get a daily email which is a report of bandwidth usage and I need to extract that data and put it in Excel for reporting.
To date there are over 400 messages I would like to process.

A typical day's email looks like:

: customer_Name_Goes _Here :  Vlan999 customer_Name_Goes _Here $$ bw=45
| MONTH(5 minute avg) --   95%   : 9115.09kb/sec       Max: 46430.21kb/sec
| MONTH(2 hour avg  ) --  Avg In: 4080.0kb/s(0.4%)   Avg Out: 1651.7kb/s(0.2%)
|   DAY(5 minute avg) --  Avg In: 3715.2kb/s(0.4%)   Avg Out: 1773.3kb/s(0.2%)

Additionally I need to get the "Sent" date.

Then parse this into CSV or straight into Excel go to the next message and repeat until I get all the data in one file.

In CSV it should be:


I have dabbled in VBA, (ok I've copied a lot ofcode from others and adapted for my own purposes), and tried searching for a solution but everything I have found on this is for extracting email addresses not just plain text.  I must be looking in the wrong place.

Anyway, if you can get pointed in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

David G.
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Thank you for your code sample, however since I started this "project" the ISP has provided reporting that is answering my question(s) so we have abandoned this.