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Send and Receive Email

I am trying to set up Citadel on my Raspberry Pi. I can send and receive emails internally, but nothing externally. The domain name points the IP address of the Pi.

Where should I be looking to troubleshoot this?
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Timothy McCartney
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have you set up MX records that point to your Pi? Without MX records, inbound (external) mail won't know how to get there

This free tool helps run many different parameters against a domain of your choosing (including looking up MX records).
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Shiju Jacob
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Hold on..

If you are just sending mails outside then there is no need of MX to be setup. Check you DNS configuration and the SMTP port state. Apart from that you can check whether network traffic is open or not for that specific port because many times at the end we found "ISP" is the culprit who is not allowing the traffic on port number 25.

Apart from this "Yes" if you want to go publicly you need to setup "MX" "TXT" records as-well in order to hassle free delivery of your mails at your inbox.. :)

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I do have the mx records set up and I have ports 25 and 110 open on my router. Is it the configuration settings in Citadel that are wrong?
i see your IP may be blacklisted

[root@shiju-centos ~]# telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
554 bizsmtp IB106. Connection refused. is listed on the Policy Block List (PBL).  <> Please visit for more information.
Connection closed by foreign host.
The IP addess you listed is not the IP address of the Pi.
Here is an excerpt from my mail log.

ay 22 20:44:32 raspberrypi citserver[8363]: SMTPCQ: processing outbound queue
May 22 20:44:32 raspberrypi citserver[8363]: SMTPCQ: queue run completed; 0 mes$
May 22 20:44:32 raspberrypi citserver[8363]: No external notifiers configured o$

Does this help?
According to all blacklists you dont have reverse DNS rercord on that IP. Ask your provider to set up reverse delegation or at least reverse host name.
Okay, I'll try that. I have my domain name pointed to the IP address that my Pi is on. My domain name is My Citadel installation is at I have my A record for pointed to I have another A record pointed to as well as an MX Record pointed to For the folder for the subdomain, I have a redirect going to What else am I doing wrong here?
For a inbox delivery it is recommended to follow the best practices which includes SPF,  DKIM and PTR.

How to set up SPF, DKIM, and PTR?