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How to get Outlook 2007 to connect and accept the login with Exchange 2013

I have a single domain with one physical server that is Windows 2012 Standard with Exchange 2013 SP1. It is also running a Remote Desktop Server in Hyper-V (this is also 2012 std.). There is a laptop with XP SP3 and Office 2007 Small Business. All other computers have Outlook 2010. I can't get Outlook 2007 on the laptop to successfully resolve and create a profile. It will auto find and resolve which account I'm currently logged in as, but It will continue to ask for the username and password over and over. I've tried using the domain\username and that doesn't work. I've gone through the Exchange settings and local DNS records and everything appears fine. I have noticed that Outlook 2007 is trying to resolve using the name on the SSL cert of, instead of the local FQDN of exchangeservername.privatedomainname.local. I don't know if that is causing the issue, but DNS records appear correct. I've also tried setting the Outlook profile manually, but it won't accept that either.
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