What languages and systems to learn for Drupal Development

Robert Perez-Corona
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Hello, I am curious to know what platforms and programming languages I should learn in order to get fluent with a CMS like Drupal or Wordpress

Here is a list of my own. Please underline if these languages are 100% completely necessary to build massive to build a HA Drupal site for 30K actively logged in users.

Can Microsoft sql be used instead of mysql?

Are some of the items on the list below not 100% necessary


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Robert Perez-CoronaSystems Administrator


would either drupal or wordpress be scalable to about 30 to 40 million vistors a month?
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>>"Can Microsoft sql be used instead of mysql?"
Not for Wordpess

Yes for Drupal (via additional module)
There are several drop-in replacements for MySQL. Drupal has been extensively tested with MariaDB, and version 5.1.44 (or greater) is recommended. It is also likely that other drop-in replacements such as Percona Server will work well with Drupal, but they may not have specifically undergone testing.
For a HA site I'd suggest you look into Percona Sever which has a good reputation for performance gains over native MySQL. (I have not used it myself, this is "by reputation only".)

The question by tobe1424 is a valid one; you will have to ensure the CMS products do scale to your projected heights.

-HTML & PHP (these work together and both are mandatory)
-css (absolutely!)

-Javascript (for certain)

-jquery (I don't know)

-mysql (Absolutely, but I wouldn't list this as a language it's just a dialect of SQL)
Robert Perez-CoronaSystems Administrator


thanks for the input..

how about for the amount of traffic 40 MIL/month


feasible with either cms?

I was looking forward to develop in drupal. But I only intend to have a craigslist type of site but a landing page like the one on slickdeals.net
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.
Both Drupal and WordPress can handle high traffic sites.  The issue is less the CMS and more the server environment and optimization efforts.
To work in drupal you have to use
 Php, html and css.
and for data base mysql is needed
 and have knowledge of jquery

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