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I have an image which is going to be used by a group in facebook.  We would like that image to also have a hyperlink to a change.org petition so others can simply click the picture and be brought to the petition to sign.  So far I can not find a way to embed an active link to an image and also upload it to facebook.  Can someone give me an idea...and also some instructions?   I do not have Photoshop but someone else has it and so far they can not get the link show as active and also upload to facebook.  (It seems to be a FB-unique issue.)
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Hi vittoria2
Watch both videos first to get a base understanding then decide if you want a two step or just use the last step from Facebook
To add a link inside an image
 Youtube video
How to Create a Hyperlinked Image using photoshop
If your image is already in a web page  go the web site and then share  it with Facebook
Or if it is on your desktop> go to Facebook upload the image to Facebook
In your facebook create a group of friends share it and then they will see image and be able to click on it
I believe in order to use the Admin Console illistrated below in the other youtube video in Facebook you need a Google+ account
This youtube video should also assist you this lady has kindly posted how to  link an image / direct it to a web page within Facebook. Admin Console
How to make a clickable Facebook image direct to an outside URL


Thank you for your reply.  Photoshop is only selling their Cloud version for a monthly fee, so I'm not doing that one.  I watched the Facebook "How to" you tube video a few times.  That would be great but I do not have any option to Upload Image, as she describes in her tips.  Once I paste the url it's pulling in a default image from the destination site itself with no Upload Image option, which is not what we want.  We want to change that to our own image.   That option would have been perfect, had it actually had the options as shown in the video.  Perhaps Facebook has made some changes since February.
Hi vittoria2
Can you share this sites URL with Facebook instead?

I tried embedding a hyperlink into the image in power point insert hyperlink
I created only one slide
EE wont let me upload my example here in a PPS format
 I just made of a screenshot of your question dropped it onto Power point added a URL and if I save it as a jpeg the url disappears.
So here's how it looks using a screenshot of your comment I dropped into power pointed and added a URL Topaz plugin Photoshop into the text box saved as a power point show single slide. I get a small hand to click on that green screen tip. It then directs me to that web page I linked
Example of embedded URL in PPS one slide onlyBut I can't upload a single page PPS to Facebook?
I'm not sure if a URL can be embedded onto an image outside of a web page or a program.Word Press solves it and Publisher in Office.
But I'll play around with it and post back any results tomorrow some time
With uploading an image  to Facebook sure I do this all this all the time
If you can embed the URL in to the image first, or give it try
I'll show you how I upload images
Go to your Facebook home page, Just above a photo ( what's on your mind is the comments panel> above this> click on the Photo/Video then select upload photo
navigate to your photo you want to use then click Post
Paste a URL inn the comment then
try the embed part by clicking on the small arrow next to your name in order to see it you need to hover your mouse in that area and a small down arrow will appear on the right click on that and embed comment
3 steps in facebook
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I use Facebook quite a bit. I think what you want to do is to post a Status update on your Facebook group page. First you post the image you want to use and then add the the hyperlink to be brought to the page of petition to sign.

Generally, it should open a new window then someone clicks on the link.

Another approach is to place the image on you web page with the petition and add the Facebook 'Like' button to the page.

Whenever anyone clicks on the FB 'Like' button, it is shared on their FB page with the link AND the image.
Also, if you have a Twitter account, you can link it to your FB Group page.

You then Tweet the change.org post (which should include the same image), it will be added automatically to your FB Group page with the link AND the image...


Thank you.  Unfortunately Embed Post does not show as an option, either before posting the actual link/image or afterwards.   The drop down menu only has options to Edit, Pin, Delete...no Embed.  I must have a completely different facebook than everyone else, since I don't have the option to embed or to Upload Image, as in the How To video.  

This picture/link is to be used by the members of the group for them to post to get others outside the group to sign the petition.   I'm getting very discouraged and now quite annoyed.  This is delaying the entire project.   It should be so simple.
could you please post a link to the Facebook page.


Let me clarify what I'm trying to do.  I want to take an image and embed a url to it so anyone who shares it or clicks on it will be able to open the petition, which is on Change.org.  The picture would be posted on people's facebook walls, news feeds and relevant groups, but all would link to the same petition.  It needs to be something that can easily be copied/pasted or shared in complete form so we are all sharing the exact same thing...the FB group logo linking to this outside petition.  I can post a status update and add a separate url as a comment, but that's not something members can just easily copy/paste on their news feeds or groups to share, and we'd like others to be able to help spread the word by sharing the logo/link image too.  It will be hard to reach enough people for the petition to be relevant if we can not properly share the image/url.


The group is not public yet so I can not post it.  It's still set as Secret.   The petition site is also not yet publicized though it is posted and exists.  Everything is waiting for this last step and I'm holding everything up.

Imagine you had an image of the sun and wanted people to be able to click it and be brought directly to the NASA site...that's the premise.
OK - FIRST create your petition on change.org (using the image/picture that you want to appear).

Once it is created, copy the URL of your petition on change.org (ex.: change.org/this-is-my-petition)

Go to your FB page and a post the URL in the status box.

Once the image & link show up, you can replace pasted link with any text you want.

I pasted a link to a change.org petition as an example (visible to public) on MY Facebook page.
Hi vittoria2
as I said in my first comment your first option>If your image is already in a web page  go the web site and then share  it with Facebook.
Your Facebook should be public otherwise you wont see some of the options
That's the only possible reason I can say as to why you don't see Photo/Video above in your "what's on your mind" comments box.
Having looked at the change.org and starting a new petition, suggests exactly that there is share it with Facebook to recruit supporters  and  publish it to Facebook, that would use the image you use there.
This seems the appropriate coarse of action.
Create your new petition first fill in those details then publish your petition to Facebook
As this site uses a login as well posting an image in Facebook with a clickable URL probably wouldn't work as anyone accessing change.org will have to create an account and log in? possibly.
Publishing your petition does exactly what you wanted, it posts the image and details you have created and in Facebook your group can just click onit.
They also have a very good Guide step by step have a look
Share your petition on Facebook.

Introducing Autocomplete to Improve Petition Targeting


Thank you.  Yes, we have done the change.org part and have linked to Facebook to promote it.  We are opening up a Facebook group to coincide with the petition and wanted to use the one pic to promote both.  We just decided to make two postings instead of one.  

It seems the group page would need to be changed to one for causes, business...etc, to see some of the options listed here already, but it also would remove the ability for multiple administrators or allow people to "join", at least that we can see so far, from creating a test group.   (Embed post and Upload Image)   Would anyone know how multiple people could admin a group page with the format changed to one for business/causes?
With regards to a Facebook Group Page? admin a group page?
Lets start with what each group settings will bring
Open Closed Secret
What are the privacy options for groups?
 If you're an admin of a group,
Quotes from Facebook
How do I add more admins to my group?
Only current admins can add more admins to a group.
Keep in mind that a person must already be a group member before they can be made an admin.
To add an admin:
Click Members
Click  under the name of the member you want to add as an admin
Click Make Admin
Keep in mind that once you make a member an admin, they will be able to remove members or admins, add new admins and edit the group description and settings. You should only add a member as an admin if you know and trust them.
What is a group admin?
Can multiple people use the same account to manage a Page?
Pages » Managing a Page » Getting Started
No. Multiple people can have roles on a Page, but each person needs their own personal Facebook account.

vittoria2 Facebook has a small address bar where it asks you by name if they can help
I asked the question on Admins and groups and they provided a lot answers,
 to save time posting each one, this is what they offer in teh results to answer your questions on Admins and groups
I hope the link opens to it for you.


Thank you for the time in providing the various suggestions.

It seems the only way to embed an image using Facebook itself is to have a Page rather than a Group.   The Page brings up both the Embed image option when posting a URL and a pic, and also shows the option to Upload Image if you want to change the image a link has brought up by default.   We have 6 people running this group as admins, which is a Closed group, and saw no way for all of us to run a Page, so we can not use that option.  

Facebook only allows the uploading of an image in jpg, bmp, gif and png, so successfully linking a link to an image using HTML or PowerPoint still can't get that image used on Facebook.  

For now we I'll just deal with making separate posts, one for the petition and one for the group, adding our images manually.  I'll keep looking for an alternate to Power Point that does not have a monthly fee nor a $999 cost to buy outright.

Thanks so much for helping.


The suggestions were very helpful for someone wanting up add a link to an image if using Facebook Pages, rather than Groups.  This might be a limitation within Facebook itself.
Yes I had looked at the making your own page, I tried it and found it pretty confusing as I didn't need it I just let that slip by.
Wow 999 dollars? for Office with power point?
Try Amazon vittoria2 or in your own country
I buy from Amazon and I'm in Australia ;)
Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010  - 1PC/1User
Price: $89.80  & FREE Shipping includes Word, power point  excel and one note

Microsoft Office 360
BUY for $119.00 includes all you need.
Just don't use their cloud and storage. One Drive. You can opt out of that.
Thank you and all the best with your petition


The $999 was to buy photo shop, or $9.99 a month for photo shop cloud.
Ouch.. I see thanks ;)
I went with Paint shop pro 7 and 9 both installed and do everything I need.
combined with my freebie tools such as Gimp/ Paint dot net /Inkscape/ I also use power point for a lot of special tricks.
Coral PSPx6 It's on special now for $80 dollars Australian that's more than 60% off

PSPx6 Ultimate 99 dollars australian
All the best
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