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Best way to display data-determined color regions on map?

I need to display different colors for various regions on a US Map, where the colors represent data from a key.

For example, if precipitation > 10 inches display red, if <= 10 inches, display blue.

I'm drawing a blank on the best way to do this using ASP.NET. Suggestions?
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It depends on how you are doing this.

Usually this is best to be done in js .  If you don't have a mapping system, fusion tables may be an answer.  

Are you using geographical polygons? images? imagemap?
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I can use whatever I need to. I'm not a designer, so not quite sure what would be easiest.

BTW, this is essentially a static image for every month of the year, and no interaction needed between the user and the image, so wanted to use server code.

I'm thinking that maybe I just need to know how this would be assembled with plain ol' HTML, and then I can use ASP.NET to provide the specifics (e.g. "color" attributes)???
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Looks like SVG is what I was looking for. Thanks!