In Drupal 7 is it possible to have one content type with various access /visibility settings?

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I am trying to build an internal site for work and  after creating the organizational structure in taxonomy I have twenty units, of which 9 are roots and 11 are subs.

I want these units to be both separated and hierarchical when it comes to access. I also want them to contribute to the same content type and I am not sure if that is possible. I can think of creating multiple similar content types and configuring each through the content access module but there might be a better way, like ... havinge one content type and restricting its access based on taxonomy whilst having the same taxonomy choices limited based on the contributor role?!

Yesterday, I installed Workbench Access and I couldn't find a way in it to restrict access or limit taxonomy but I like the moderation bit. I am guessing that what I want is a concatenation of  different modules that play nicely together, so how can I have one size to fit all if possible?
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You need a content access module. There are a few but the content access module itself is one I think you definitely need. You can use it to set access permissions on individual nodes:

Actually, now that I read your question again perhaps you are using the module already but haven't found the individual node setting. There is also the taxonomy access control module.

How about adding an "access_level" field to this content type, and give each node of that content type a level (number), and to condition access based on this field value?
That's exactly what the taxonomy access module will do.


Thanks, I installed TAC and it did exactly the things I wanted.

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