In Drupal 7 how to replicate field values from one content type to another?

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I want to have three related content types.

 The first has a taxonomy access control  term reference field. The second content type has a field that references the title of the first and the third is created by rules  automatically if a certain criteria is met.

Now I want the second and the third to have identical term references as  the first  automatically (without further user input) but I cannot for the life of me figure out how.

Any suggestions?
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I'm a little bit confused. Maybe you could describe the workflow? If you are referencing the first node when creating the second node, you could make a rule that executes on the creation of the node. Have it load the referenced node and set the value of your current term reference field to equal that of the first node. Once you have that working, you can hide the field using the field permissions module.


I was getting the elements bit in rules incorrectly, so after reading your reply I went back and referenced the node correctly and it worked.

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