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Anyone recommend a simple blogging script that is built around Bootstrap 3
Don't want anything complicated - literally just a db setup, nice formatting and simple backend
Not really bothered about a visitor commenting system
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There is wordpress with bootstrap

That is really going to be the simplest way.

Or if you want to use Laravel  But to be honest, if you are no really sure of what you are doing, that is not going to be simple as using WP.

Some other options and remember bootstrap is just the front end.  You will be able to find or make themes in most any of these things using BS.
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Was really looking for just a template script with a bit of php backend to update the database - add new posts/comments.
Ergo - nothing like WP, likely maybe one post a week I'll be adding, like a news update page.

I did find a simple template page, but it is just a single page. If nothing I'll put something together myself.

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