Looking for a cloud-based project management solution.

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We are in need of finding a cloud-based project management solution. Are there any good recommendations based on support, reliability and useful features that will allow multiple parties to collaborate on a project?

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Raghu MutalikdesaiPassionate for code

The best cloud based (SaaS) Project Management tool I have used is Basecamp. Earlier they allowed free accounts, but now they have stopped doing that.

I have been a religious follower of Redmine. It is not exactly cloud-based per se, but you could set it up within no time on a public IP with restricted access to people outside your network. Redmine requires MySQL as database and runs on Ruby. They have a neat Installation Guide and it is fairly easy to setup.

If you need just task management tools, there are these modern cloud-based, jazzy, super-fast, cool applications like Asana, Flow and TodoIst


We're looking for a replacement for Clarizen. From the online comparisons found Basecamp comes up short in regards to ease of administration and product direction.

The owners of the company are unhappy with Clarizen support, however when Basecamp was suggested they weren't satisfied either. Are there any other recommendations OR advantages experienced that could be used as a selling point for Basecamp?

With Clarizen there's some coding required to implement certain conditions. Is there something that is being evolved with Basecamp or other products that may resolve this issue?

Passionate for code
Project Pier (http://www.projectpier.org/), Collabtive (http://collabtive.o-dyn.de/) and Web Collab (http://webcollab.sourceforge.net/) are few popular open source alternatives of Basecamp.

Go Plan is excellent, but not free (http://goplanapp.com/)

There are couple of articles that discuss alternatives of Basecamp:

Personally, I would go for Redmine. Please have a look at the tool. The only drawback I see is that you have to install it within your firewall, on a server. But IMHO, it is really an insignificant issue.
PortletPaulEE Topic Advisor
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RedBooth is a well regarded commercial product of that "collaborative/task management genre



Thanks - we're going to stick with Clarizen but it's nice to know what the recommended options are.

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