references and variables. Explaining the terms

Is a great tutorial
which links to a good example

What are real world explanations for all the terms
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Explanations as follows:
1) References: Think of these as pointers to or address locations of variables or objects

2) Variables:  These are symbols that contain values that can be modified by assignment

3) Values:  These are what are CONTAINED in variables...   These are the "right side" of assignment statements and are used to modify variables

4) Clones: Clones are copies of objects as distinct new objects... Normally an object assignment would result in a reference to the original object (another pointer to the same thing)... When you make a clone, you create another object, copied from the original

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Ray PaseurCommented:
What n2fc said!  Originally PHP was intended to be the "easiest programming language to learn," but the plain truth is that programming languages are formal and structural, and none of them are really easy to learn well.  Sometimes it's a matter of making numerous teaching examples, and experimenting with them over and over -- making small changes and observing the different behaviors.
rgb192Author Commented:
thanks for explaining terms.
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