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I have dell inspiron laptop with 4gb ram and 1.5 mhz i3 processor 500 gb hard disk. Suddenly from yesterday I have started having problems playing youtube videos online in my internet explorer 10 and firefox browsers. When ever I  press the play button it gives message 'A error has occurred.Please try again later. The you tube videos play ok on google chrome which I have downloaded subsequently.I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the adobe shockwave players multiple times with no result.I uninstalled the firefox and reinstalled it but still have the same problem. I restored my laptop to the previous day using system restore but did not get any benefit.
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It's definitely something with the flash player, as Chrome has this player embedded in its own program. Can you uninstall, reboot, install (the latest version) again?
Pedro GamaCitrix Admin


it's most likely a flash issue but before troubleshooting, are you usin a x64 OS? If so, try to use IE x86 just to try.

To troubleshoot: Adobe has a neat uninstaller uninstall_flash_player.exe (

Run it to clean all flahs installation instances and reinstall de latest version from the site.

Hopo it helps
Which windows Sabyasachi Mohapatra
XP or windows 7? Windows 8?
I know you posted in windows 8 but we  get people asking about windows 8 in various zones.
Are these high def youtube?
Have you shut down and then restarted your PC. ?

Could be time to cleanup your internet history for flash. As a first step do this first
Go to control panel /all>flash player> delete local settings by site>advanced>delete history> check now.
This is the right way to update your flash.
Adobe FlashPost back any event errors you have recently go to control panel administrative tools>event errors>windows applications
Please follow this from Microsoft
If you see the message: "An Error Has Occurred, Please Try Again Later", which is inside an empty Flash player, that's a sign of "time-out" or "run-time" error. Problems like that are usually due to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), YouTube or a network link between the two of them which is trying to carry YouTube's Flash transmissions onto your computer. These events are usually just temporary.
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Go to adn select 'Request the HTML5 player', you'll be able to view videos.
I have windows 8 64 bit. I uninstalled the flash player and reinstalled it.The same error occurs. In the flash player settings manager the check now button is not active and it says plugin has not been installed.
What video card/driver do you have, are you using a USB dock for video by chance?  If you haven't already, update drivers for both above if applicable.
no I am not using a usb dock. I have intel inbuilt graphics.the control panel flash player icon says it is 32 bit and it informs that plugin has not been installed.But in ie 10 I can verify that shockwave flash plugin has been enabled which is inbuilt.
Sabyasachi Mohapatra you say>I have windows 8 64 bit.<< is that windows 8.1?
Why do people/even the experts start  immediately uninstalling windows stuff when they suddenly encounter a problem.
I always take the simplest road of least destruction.
Youtube was playing fine so why would you determine it to be the flash player suddenly goes toes up.
Flash Player is integrated with Internet Explorer in Windows 8.
You have set your flash to auto update in FF  right?
The shoot first ask questions later attitude gets you into trouble, now you have to undo what you did where as instead we could have been trouble shooting the youtube or other possible causes.
FF is an add on IE is integrated with windows.
No chance it could be the video format or the internet on youtube had heavy traffic.
No chance it could be that youtube has various formats some HD and you need to update your software not uninstall it.
No chance it could be your temp internet and history is full.
You stop!! and think !!
what possible things would suddenly prevent your flash player in youtube from playing those video.
Your running the latest windows 8 and that in itself should have the latest updates you be wrong.
You simply check that everything is up to date.
Run a maintenance cleanup and a virus scan/spyware scan.
"Suddenly stops functioning" indicates the environment of flash has reached the threshold of it's existence and resistance is futile destroy it?
No of course not you use a process of elimination.
What have I done what have I opened what have I installed>process of elimination.
On July 1, 2014..  Microsoft released an update to Windows RT that will allow users to automatically update from Windows RT to Windows RT 8.1.
One additional step Microsoft took recently as part of this get-current move was to cease providing consumers running Windows 8.1 with any security or other patches unless they are running Windows 8.1 Update.

Do you have windows 8.1?
When we don't use windows updates and instead manually install updates for just one software this can also cause ripple effect unless we check everything else is also up to date.
Whenever we get windows updates and we allow "other updates" aside from only the critical, can cause a ripple effect.
Java is a risk and should be patched if anything uninstall it.

Do a system restore!!!

Then test your flash/ you should see this message you dont need to install flash as in my snapshot
test flash playerAdobe's Flash Tester

and may the force be with you
A critical update was installed on 5th of july 2014. And I have windows 8. shall I refresh my pc?
I have adobe flash on my system.
Flash in your windows?  is the same version as mine so it's up date.
But did you install it manually or allow it to auto update since you have windows x64.
As for FF that should have auto installed as well if required
open your plugins and check they are up to date, easy as.
FF pluginsNot  windows 8.1 x64 ?
It was working and suddenly stopped?
We need to determine what caused it to stop.
Could be an update  has caused a flow on and other things require updating.
As it is effecting both browsers? FF and IE 10?
Your version of IE is out of date my version of IE is 11??
So there is one area to look at, update IE.
IE11The video drivers need to be at least 2013.
Some updates with windows components require we update the video drivers, a process of elimination.
Refreshing windows is something you can consider later  but I feel a bit drastic atm.
Using your windows updates are you not offered internet explorer 11
Why have you not installed the service Pack one for windows 8?
Have you run a scan for spyware?
I use hijackthis for a quick analyses. Use the download location choose the top one
Save it to a folder extract here>run it do a system scan and save a log>copy the text to here and I'll analyse it.
There is many others of course
Eset online scan is excellent it will download the program virus up to date definition then run the scan. Will provide the results
click this to agree to it.
please post a link to a youtube that doesn't work and which browser did you use to get the url for me. I shall test it for you using the same browser.
I have Chrome as my default and use IE as well. I also have FF and a few others for test purposes.
Try Chrome it is the most Microsoft Google friendly and is designed for main internet use.
I have downloaded the flash plugin  from adobe website. I am not able to update my windows 8 .I have downloaded 73 recommended updates but they fail to install and get reversed. Maybe because these are just too many  updates which are being applied at the same time. I have ie 10 but then I have a problem in firefox too.I need to check for newer drivers on the dell website which I will do tommorow.I dont have a problem with chrome.I have already refreshed my pc lost a few important programs but with no result.
Hi Sabyasachi Mohapatra
you say>
I have downloaded 73 recommended updates but they fail to install and get reversed<< just so I'm clear do you mean windows updates are downloading the updates not you manually?
To my knowledge it wont matter how many updates when offered all will install from the Microsoft windows updates, just a few reboots required.
However if you are manually downloading and installing updates on an individual basis that may cause a conflict with what is installed and offered from Microsoft. Your updates need to include x86 as well  the x64.
Please post any events errors you have that could pertain to this problem/
Look in control panel administrative tools >windows errors >applications> on the right are the events errors.
How much space on your HDD?
By refresh do you mean reinstall windows 8?
I would definitely perform an in-place re-install.
But as I don't know if this is laptop desktop HP DEL
Usually these repairs have kept a folder called OLD_yourname

You don't have problem with Chrome playing flash.
You are not able to update windows 8?
This is exactly what I am referring to above, we are now undoing and chasing a multitude of issues as I just don't know what you have done to you computer.
I'm in the process of getting details to your problem and you say you have refreshed your computer??
Please list everything you can think of that you have done since your problem started.
What is refreshed  mean in your terms..and please describe it so I can see what you have done, a repair should have fixed it?
This is my eyes on and what I work with.
Over the years I have learnt when someone says this doesn't work anymore and it used to there is always a good story to follow of what that user has done and did not mention here.
It's ok to mention anything and everything it really simplifies it and takes out the guess work.
which windows 8 do you Sabyasachi Mohapatra
Brand and type of computer
The three Windows 8 versions
Windows 8 (for x86, Intel/AMD)
Windows 8 Pro (for x86, Intel/AMD)
Windows RT (for ARM)
even though you get the desktop on Windows RT, you can't install desktop applications. It comes with ARM-specific versions of Office apps – but just Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, so if you want Outlook you need a PC with an Intel or AMD processor.

The four versions explained here 

How to Update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8
Before you begin
The system requirements for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 are nearly the same as the requirements for Windows 8—if your PC is already running Windows 8 (or Windows RT), in most cases, you can get the free update to Windows 8.1 (or Windows RT 8.1).
Thank you.
Refresh is process done on dell computers to reinstall the operating system without affected the files and folders. It removes  all applications loaded from cds, internet, pen drives etc.So the drive is not required to be formatted. By the way  the youtube problem has resolved itself on its own today.I think this problem was at the  servers end.Regarding updates I have manually downloaded the updates. But even when the updates are automatically updated the pc needs to restart and apply those updates. It is at this stage that it is giving message indicating that the updates failed to install and it is reversing the updates.
ah true!!>>By the way  the youtube problem has resolved itself on its own today.I think this problem was at the  servers end.<< servers end?
Figures, like I said in my first comment>if you see the message: "An Error Has Occurred, Please Try Again Later", which is inside an empty Flash player, that's a sign of "time-out" or "run-time" error. Problems like that are usually due to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), YouTube or a network link between the two of them which is trying to carry YouTube's Flash transmissions onto your computer.
These events are usually just temporary.
I have manually downloaded the updates.<< and your connected to a server?
Did you reboot?
Try this fix it  "Automatically diagnose and fix common problems with Windows Update" may automatically fix your problem.

Fix: Windows 8.1 Update fails to install

Thank you for explaining your phrase "refresh".
You can  delete this question as it really serves no solution other than what I have said about it just being temporary.
We cannot give accurate help without knowing the details and the fact it being connected to a server?
Hopefully you learnt something
I think the answer is comprehensive.Although the answer came after being asked to try other options it still remains to the point.

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