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We currently have our domain hosted with Network Solutions and our Web Hosting with Fat Cow.  A new website was recently created using WordPress so we have an A Record setup with Fat Cow that redirects the user to the WordPress hosted website.  Then we have our email being run by Google Apps for Non-Profits which we have an MX Record setup with Fat Cow to redirect to Google.  The problem we are having is that the DNS information keeps being reset and it wipes out our MX and A Records.  I'm wondering if there is a better way to do this so that we don't have this problem?

Thank you in advance for any help.
Zion PhilPresidentAsked:
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gi2untIT ManagerCommented:
Host your DNS at a third party. You do not need to host DNS with your web hosting provider.  You could use a variety of DNS vendors like godaddy.com. Then you would create all your DNS records in godaddy's DNS interface pointing to fatcow and google mx servers.

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Scott FellDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I agree with gi2unt.  You already have your domain with Network solutions and that is where you should manage your DNS unless you want a 3rd party dns manager.  Managing it at NS should be just fine.

When you go to NS, you will have to set the name server back to the default or "parked".  Once that is done, update your A record to  point to your website and your MX records to point to google.  (I also update SPF and DKIM).  

When you change the name server at NS, your site and email will go down.  I like to do this type of thing at night and usually friday nights are good.    

You will get warnings that it could take up to 48hrs for DNS to fully propagate. I have not seen 48hrs in over 10hrs.    I find the www traffic switches almost instantly and email within 10 minutes to 2hrs.  

You can set your current DNS TTL to a very short time a couple of days before you make the switch and that might help move things along faster.  

Good Luck.
gi2untIT ManagerCommented:
what domain are you talking about? I could give you the exact zone file you need to import into your netsol dns manager.
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