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No Internet, but do have Network

I have a server that is Windows Server 2012 R2.  It is connected to our network and I am able to remote control it.  It is also able to connect to our network shared drives.  However, it doesn't have access to the Internet.  I don't know why this is happening or how to solve it.
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It might simply be a matter of no public dns resolution.

Try the following


If you get a result then your dns is working so try a trace route to see where it dies (if at all)
is the gateway defined/correct?
any firewall blocking server traffic?
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I don't get any errors.  Just a list of several IP addresses.
Yes, the gateway is correct.  Our internal DNS servers are working properly.  No, there is no running firewall on the server.
did you do a tracert as was suggested?
This may sound too simple, but have you check you firewall settings on your server box and on your Network?
Yes, the Tracert stops right after our gateway firewall.  But I don't understand why.  This server is configured just like the rest of our servers.  They all have Internet access but this one.  Nothing on the gateway firewall should be blocking it.
Arvo, yes.  The Windows firewall is disabled.  As I mentioned in my previous post, there is nothing on the network (gateway) firewall that is programmed to block this server from getting out.
what is right after your gateway firewall?  something with your isp or beyond that?
what does tracert show for other sites?  does it stop at the same place or different?
Tracert show the same results for other sites.
Our ISP's modem is after the firewall.
If I change the IP address, I do get Internet.  This shouldn't be a matter of an IP conflict, because that would cause other problems.  This IP address used to be used by a server that was long decommissioned.
something about that IP address the modem is blocking
try flushing the dns and releasing and renewing your ip address.
I've already flushed the DNS multiple times too.  Didn't work.
I just rebooted the modem.  That didn't seem to help either.  It looks like I might have to call our ISP to see if they can troubleshoot our modem.
No go with the ISP.  They insist that the "modem" is just a Layer 2 Fiber Optic switch.  It doesn't handle any of the internal IP's, which makes sense in a way.  But it still doesn't explain why this one internal IP cannot get out.  I have even had a senior network engineer look at all of the settings on the firewall.  There is nothing on the firewall that would be blocking it.
go into your dns server and see if there is a record for the problem IP and delete it. I would then restart the DNS server service and then add a new dns record for the problem IP and see if that works.
Tolinrome, thanks for the suggestion, but that didn't work either.
Are you sure that the problem IP is configured correctly? Is the problem IP on the same subnet as the other IP's that can receive internet access?
Try putting the problem IP on anoher workstation\server and see if you can get internet access or not. At least that will tell you if its the IP for real or the server.
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