Hello experts, i am using microsoft exchange 2010, how can i  provide info about size of group e-mail box and if it is possible can i use online archive ? and how?

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Hello experts,i am using microsoft exchange server 2010, how can i provide info about size of group e-mail box? And if it is possible how can i online archive those emails? Is there a solution by Microsoft about online archive or any other brach like IBM or HP or NetApp that i can online archive emails from my exchange server?

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Archiving solution from MS:

Powershell to get mailbox sizes:

Get-MailboxStatistics -Server YOURSERVERNAME | Sort-Object TotalItemSize -Descending | ft DisplayName,@{label="TotalItemSize(KB)";expression={$_.TotalItemSize.Value.ToKB()}},ItemCount >  c:\file.csv

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That's exactly what i have been looking for my friend !!! Thank you so much !:)
Murali ReddyExchange Expert

You can use Exchange management console or shell to access the properties of the group/shared mailbox to its size.

from EMS run Get-MailboxStatistics "mailboxName" | Select TotalItemSize

As far as Online archiving is concerned, You have a inbuilt feature coming with SP1, i.e. personal archive. Please go through the below links for more details.

Hello Murali , thanks for your comments my friend.I have already found what i wanted. Was actually more interested in archiving emails into cloud. I have already seen your links tho and they are very helpful too so i bookmark them. Much appreciated Murali , thanks again !! :)

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