Characters appear like "?" in a TextEditor programmed in C++

Hi Experts,

In 2006 I downloaded the text editor "Neatpad" by James Brown and it compiled and worked correctly:

Here is the link to the Neatpad:

It's implemented with VC6.

Now I downloaded it again and compiled it but it doesn't work correctly with Arabic characters. They appear like questions marks "?".

I don't know where is the problem.

In 2006 I have Vista on my machine and now also I am working with the same operating system.

Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?

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Check your project settings and make sure that "Use Character Set: UNICODE" is selected and then rebuild your project. ALT+F7 will take you to the project settinggs, and IIRC you'll find that under "General". Sorry for not being more precise, but it's a while ago since I last used VC6.
MasariaAuthor Commented:
I checked what you said, there is no such "Use Character Set: UNICODE".

There is a folder called "Unicode_Release" in the project files and I think the author used it as intermediate files :


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MasariaAuthor Commented:
Here is the link to Neatpad:

Neatpad - Catch22
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did you use successfully Arabic characters in 2006? or is it the first time you try to use them?

as far as I remember, the text editor of vc6 is not capable to print unicode characters, neither you can "see" them in the debugger.

however, win32 programs should work correctly with unicode if your configuration has defined the _UNICODE and UNICODE macros in the c++ preprocessor settings. look at the c++ tab - preprocessor whether they were defined.

if you want to use literals in Unicode, you can't edit them with the vc6 text editor. also I am not sure whether you could put such texts into resource files. you may consider to download visual studio 2013 express for editing texts and you could read them in vc6 with mfc or stl (std::wifstream, std::wofstream,  and std::wstring). when the _UNICODE macro was defined the so-called T-switch in your sources was switched to use wide characters. that means all types and macros like LPTSTR, TCHAR,  _T(), would turn to LPWSTR, wchar_t,  L"..." and mfc class CString also would be based on wide strings.

note, folders or configuration names with unicode in the name, is nothing what you can rely on. those names are arbitrary and it can be that the author tried to use Unicode but witched back to multi-byte character set later. you need to check whether the unicode settings of the project configurations for debug and release still were correct. also check whether the code uses the T-switch correctly or whether they explicitly used the wide character types what could be a valid alternative to using the T types.

trinitrotolueneDirector - Software EngineeringCommented:
check whether you have the fonts installed on the system you are running....
MasariaAuthor Commented:
resolving abounded old question.
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