ASUS F551M lost password

Does anyone know how to enable booting a CD so that I may change the windows password? This one was changed by a customers son, and they cannot get in the machine. I had hoped to boot from CD or USB . But it fails to boot, and just either sits there with a blank screen, or when booting from USB goes to bios setup? This is by hitting Esc and selecting the boot device.

I have followed instructions about security and boot settings, but there is no option to boot from CD or USB?

All very well updating the bios, but without the password I cannot even get that far!

I hate Windows 8 with a passion, and this UEFI seems a downward step?
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To be able to boot from a CD, you need to do a few things in BIOS.

Disable "Fast Boot"  (might say Fast BIOS)
Disable "Secure Boot"

Once you have disabled Secure Boot, you can change UEFI OS to CSM OS

Save settings and exit.  You should now be able to boot from a CD.

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If this is a live account, you need to go through Microsoft's account reset process. You can access it here:

Once it has been reset, make sure that the computer in question has internet access so that the new password can be recognized.
You should just be able to hit ESC and choose cd/dvd.

Do you have cd/dvd as a option?
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SupportteamAuthor Commented:
I have set both of those options, but still will not boot to either USB or CD. Did read that there was possibility the bios would need to be updated.

As for you second comment, in an ideal world that would be the solution, sadly the child in question has many issues, and cannot remember anything about setting up a hotmail / outlook account, let alone what day of the week it is!

I did say that I had hit escape to get the menu. But thanks for the suggestion anyway.

What I find odd is that when I select the USB boot pen I insert, it attempts to boot, well it seems to? then it goes into bios setup? And as I say, trying to boot from CD just produces a blank screen. Another odd thing, when a CD drive is inserted, I cannot navigate the bios screens? Just wondering if this machine has other problems?
For starters I would load bios defaults.

Did you create a bootable usb?

Can you get a hold of a external cd/dvd drive and try booting from it.
>>  when I select the USB boot pen I insert, it attempts to boot, well it seems to? then it goes into bios setup?   <<  this seems to point to a boot problem; does th usb stick boot fine on other PC?
otherwise  -this pc can be damaged
Stickier and stickier....

Okay, try this:

Turn on the system, (I know you can't log in) then press and hold the 'shift' key and select Restart. Continue holding the shift key until you see the Recovery Screen.

Select "Troubleshoot"
Select "Advanced Options"
Select "Command Prompt"
In the command prompt screen, type in the following, then hit enter: net user administrator /active:yes

Type in "exit" to leave the command prompt.
Reboot the system
You should now have another user to log in as administrator. Select the administrator account (no password) and log in. Go to the users and you might be able to change the live account to a local account which will allow you to log in.
SupportteamAuthor Commented:
There was a problem with the bios, machine returned under warranty, seems it was a known problem with this model
SupportteamAuthor Commented:
Turns out it was a known issue with the bios.
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