System email alerts when exceeding email size limit

We will soon be implementing an email retention policy with max 2GB limit. Is there a configuration where if a user is near his email size limits that an email is sent to him alerting that he is near or passing his threshold?
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Looks like you are looking for the below thing to be accomplished:
You can configure the system to send the user an initial warning message at a particular mailbox size. You can also configure the ability to prevent users from sending new messages, as well as also receiving new messages, at a particular mailbox size. Also of interest in Figure 1-2 is the warning message interval setting, which is set to 1am by default. This is the time of day that Exchange sends the actual quota messages to the users

The behavior for notifications (and for disabling the mailbox's ability to send and receive once it passes the limit) are defined in the Storage Quota settings.

Email retention policies are not based on size, they are based on age. At least as far as I am aware of.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
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Murali ReddyExchange ExpertCommented:
You can always use the quota settings to alert the users. However these will alert during the daily maintenance when checked for limits set against the occupied capacity.

I think based on you requirement, it is suffecient I believe. Techies already pointed the related article references.

However if you want users to be alerted at an interval otherthan maintenance and for a limit different than default quota limits set at mailbox/database level, you may create a powershell script, which runs to check the mailbox sizes against a value you want to alert for. And for each user if violated, to shoot an email.
CiscoAznAuthor Commented:
This will be a global setting on the quotas on the database level to all users. Instead of the default warning interval which only occurs once a day is there a way for users to receive this warning notification as soon as they hit the threshold?
It may be changed per your requirement by selecting the specific hours you want it to run. However it is not a good idea to make it run 24X7 as the article also does not recommend that way
Diwakar SharmaCommented:
you can use "Issue Warning at" option to set the alert using belwo given link.

Murali ReddyExchange ExpertCommented:
Yes you can do, however it has to be through a script which should compare the sizes at that point to your expected threshold alert limit. If matches the limit, send an email to that user.  This script can be configured any number of times in the day you want, based on your resource capacity. :)

As far as the (database) maintenance window is concernede, its not recommended to schedule multiple times a day, as its job is not just to compare the mailbox threshold, but many tasks. if changed, will drastically degrade your servers' performance.
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