is there any program out there to copy a installed program over to another computer?

is there any software on the market that will take a program and allow you to move it to another system without having to reinstall it?
For example:
I have smartsoftware installed on an xp machine
I want to move it over to a new windows 7 machine but i can't seem to find the setup files anymore.
We have the license and all but can no longer find the software to install the registry files and so forth.

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Due to the complexity of installs, unless you run some sort of third party software at the time you originally install the application there is no way to know what files and registry keys are needed for the application to function properly.

You would need to consider files in the Program Files directory, files in the Global Assembly Cache, and any other files that are dropped in less standard locations.  Then there are the registry entries for things like COM registration and various program features etc.

So, the short answer is no.  Unless you plan ahead when deploying an application there is no good way.  Even then, depending on how well the install is authored and how many of the "best practices" the application itself follows you may or may not have much success.
Tyler VerkadeCommented:
ZInstall may facilitate this process, however it may be a breach of the End User License Agreement that you more than likely agreed to when installing the program in the first place. Attempting to reverse-engineer the software installation to create a software installer would most likely also break the EULA.

You can try ZInstall, but I accept no liability in the event that there are legal issues involved with migrating the software.
bbimis ---
LapLink offers an app that claims to do this
However it costs at least $30.
 Similarly there is PC Mover
It costs $60.
I have not used either.
And you should check whether the old programs are compatible with Win 7.
See the Compatibility Center.

And if there are new versions of your software I suspect you will be happier by buying them.
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
PCMover IS the program from Laplink -- it's not a different program.

PC Mover Pro (be sure you use the Pro version) works very well at migrating software between operating systems.    I've yet to see a program it wouldn't work with -- although there are some it won't be able to move ... primarily due to incompatibility with the newer OS.     However, MOST XP software will work fine on Windows 7 -- especially if you're using the x32 version of '7.     Most programs that won't work have problems because of the 64-bit OS, NOT because of Windows 7.

In any event, that's your best approach short of buying a new copy of the software.
While PCMover is sold by LapLink, the two links I provided offer two different programs at very different prices.
offers a range of PC Mover products with Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant being the cheapest ($30).
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
LapLink does offer multiple utilities, but PC Mover Pro is what's needed for this question.   It has FAR more options than the less expensive alternatives -- and has a far higher success rate when moving programs across operating systems.

... and they're ALL called "PC Mover" -- the chart you linked to is simply a decision matrix to help you determine  "Which version of PCmover is right for you?"

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bbimisAuthor Commented:
i ended up using zInstall WinWin and it worked great. Thanks!
bbimisAuthor Commented:
gary is laplink per pc? i have a whole bunch of computers i need to migrate? I would like to just purchase some software and use it as often as i like .
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Yes, it's sold per PC.    They have discounted 5-packs, 10-packs, and 25-packs, but they're not huge discounts (a 10-pack of Pro, for example, is $420).
bbimisAuthor Commented:
:( was hoping to find something that i could buy and just use it to change out ALL of our pcs.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I understand.   Unfortunately I'm not aware of any product that's licensed like that.   LapLink DOES have an "Enterprise" edition ... but it's still priced at something like $30/PC, and that's for something on the order of 1,000 licenses.

Your best bet, since it worked well for your specific needs, is to simply buy a copy of WinWin for each PC.    Their web site indicates they offer discounts for multiple copies -- they don't show the pricing schedule ... it just says "...  please tell us how many you require, and we will reply with the best discount for that amount."    The contact info on their website shows this e-mail address:
I suppose they are smart enough not to allow their software to move itself.  :-)
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