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Hey guys,

I am trying to download a video from what looks like embedded flash on a News website. Do you have any programs you recommend to download this?


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Download the most appropriate version of program named "VideoCacheView" by Nir Sofer (links near the end of the page immediately before the "translations" section):

For your purposes I suggest the standalone EXE that comes in a ZIP file.  The first link is for 32-bit versions of Windows.  The third link is the standalone EXE for the 64-bit version of Windows that also comes in a ZIP file.  I wouldn't bother with the "installable" package (2nd link).

Unzip it to a new folder of its own in any directory and then run "VideoCacheView.exe" to configure it using the "View" and "Options" menus.  When closed thereafter, this will create a configuration file named "VideoCacheView.cfg" in the same folder as the EXE file. In the "Advanced Options" dialog, make sure that the browser you are going to view the video in is ticked, but you only need to modify the "cache folder" path for the browser if you have changed this from the default for your version of Windows and the browser.  It knows where to look for the default browser cache location.

Leave the program window open but minimize it.  Now open the browser to the page with the embedded video and allow it to play.  LEAVE the browser open so that it doesn't flush the temporary files, and restore the VideoCacheView window.

You should now see a FLA*.TMP file showing as "in cache" and with a file size of around 4,563,778 bytes.  It probably won't show a "Download URL" for the video, because it is loaded by a script into the embedded "Critical Player" frame on demand, but it should show the full path to the file in your browser cache and the *.FLV file name that will be chosen if you copy it out from the browser cache to another non-program/system folder.

Either Right-Click on the line in the window and choose "Copy selected files to ..." OR use the same option from the File menu.

When savewd out you can close the browser and the VideoCacheView window and then play the FLV file in a suitable media player.  I use VLC Media Player by VideoLAN to view this type of file:

For other pages with embedded videos this same method should work and allow you to save out FLV, MP4, and maybe other video types, but different pages use different methods.  There are programs that allow you to specify the URL to a page containing video content and then choose what format you want the videos saved and converted to.  I don't use any of these and therefore cannot recommend any, but I have a feeling that an expert named Merete will be along soon with her suggestions in this respect.

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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
I think that you should be able to use RealPlayer Cloud Free to download videos...
Thank you Cobra
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