Added new hardware, now server won't boot

One of my techs went to a client today to add hardware to a HP ML350 working as a Hyper-V server.  He added a new processor, extra RAM (balnaced for the new processor), and a new NIC.  After he added them, the system would not boot fully.  It would hang at a black screen - sometimes he would be able to see the cursor, sometimes not.

He tried to boot into Safe Mode.  The server hung after loading CRCDISK.SYS.

He tried several variations of the hardware and has finally pulled all of the hardware back out.  No change in behavior.

Call HP.  They said it was an OS problem.  Called Microsoft.  They said it was a hardware problem.

Google is starting to tell me it is a virus infection and may not be related to any of the changes listed above.

Anyone have a fourth idea?

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Could be a freak timing accident (i.e. if you rebooted without installing hardware, it would still have this behaviour). In that case, it could be a filesystem corruption (either already seeped in during operation or during shutdown). The best way to solve this is a full chkdsk (use original Windows Server boot CD/DVD).
It could also be caused during the hardware changing (shortcircuit something? bumped into something?). Hardware checking in HP servers are quite good. Use the diagnostic DVD provided by HP to do a full checkup (all hardware, including HDD scanning).
Maybe a slightly faster method: If you have spare HDD's lying around, maybe install new OS on those (hopefully not all bays were used). If it installs and boots correctly, you don't have hardware problems (thereby also pushing the cause software fault aside, skipping to fixing it instead), inside the new OS, you can virus scan the old hdd's, and also do a full hdd check. If those turn out ok, continue to setup your VM's again. If it doesn't install correctly, you can blame HP, probably a hardware error (though not sure if it was there, or still caused during upgrading, slightly higher probability for the latter).
crapshooterAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Kimputer.  I had already thought of a lot of the first half of what you said.  Hadn't thought about the second - but, unfortunately, I don't have the spare drives.

I am on my way to the client this morning to continue diagnostics.
Then did you enable USB in VM > Settings, and do you see your device in VM > Removable Device ?
crapshooterAuthor Commented:
Actually, no.  Hadn't gotten that far.  I did remove all USB devices to see if something there was blocking it - to no avail.

In other news, the server is now up.  It seems that whatever was hanging finally timed out and the server was able to come up the rest of the way.  I will be continuing diagnostics.
crapshooterAuthor Commented:
So, the only thing that I can find in the System event viewer that might be relevant is a whole bunch complaining by Acronis services that they can't login due to bad credentials (see attached).

Could this be the source of actually preventing the server from getting all the way to the desktop for a while?  I don't know what the actual wait time was because the tech on site was no longer watching to see the full boot.
Usually these errors actually do not a lot for Windows start up timing, as checking the credentials are the first thing checked, and if it doesn't match, the code is never run. Also it was only a 30 second time out, and an easy non-blocking one at that. When you have time, restart again, and check if the start up times are back to before the upgrade.
crapshooterAuthor Commented:
Turns out the problem is most likely due to a corrupt OS.  We are in the process of migrating the VMs off of the server and doing a rebuild.  So, thank you for the assistance all.

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crapshooterAuthor Commented:
Decided to rebuild system due to severity of issues.
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