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Hello All,

I am simply looking for some suggestions on a way to accomplish my needs for an online form. So the form is simple enough, just some basic questions. I am aware of several sites that do a good job with this, however my need is that I want to invite people via email to fill out the form. Tricky part is that I need when the form is submitted to log who it was that submitted the form, and they should not have to create an account. So how to capture who this is, thats my question? Is there a way via a crafted link that was sent via email that it carries the users email address? If so, are there any sites that handle this? I also need to capture the timestamp of when the form was submitted and provide the completed form as a PDF download they can save.

Is something like docusign an option? Its fine if they type their name, but i need to prove the form was accessed by the invitation email.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Ah... your project just failed completely at the word "prove".  There are just too many ways to get around any security that involves a link that can be intercepted.

If you can accept "most likely", you can just put a unique query string on the link in each email.  That's basically what is done when you have to click on a link in an email to reset a password.  But of course, you have to keep track of the code you send out, usually in a database, so you can match it up when you get it back.  The logging and timestamp is pretty standard tracking you put in a database when the form is submitted.  Maybe you can understand from my description, it's not real simple, it does require you to take care of the details.  But it's not real hard either and lots of sites do something like that.

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