HTTPS traffic routed to another gateway statically does not connect but pings do

Adding a static route to a Zyxel USG 100 firewall that directs traffic bound for via an internal gateway of works perfectly if you run a ping or trace route.  When you try to connect with a Citrix Reciever however the server can not be found.  Adding a static route directly to the client pc and skipping the Zyxel fixes the issue but is a poor fix with lots of clients.

Zyxel USG 100 company internet firewall.
Internal IP

Cisco 1700 Series EMR Gateway
Internal IP

EMR final destination is

If I add a static route  to route traffic to to the Zyxel firewall it works testing with Pings and trace routes.  But when using the citrix reciever that uses Https as its protocol it never connects.  

I have looked and there is no firewall rules that should be interfering in the traffic flow.  I don't have access to the EMR network to do any testing but the only places that have this issue are those with Zyxel USG firewalls.
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Dirk KotteSECommented:
i think there is a kind of proxy intercepting the traffic. Take a look to the proxy settings at the client.
Also transparent proxy is possible with the most firewalls.
try to connect with port 1494 to the citrix server ...
use "telnet yourserver.yourdomain 1494"
... you should see "ICAICA..." so the connection is possible and http(proxy) the problem.
Craig BeckCommented:
Are IP redirects enabled on the client and Zyxel box?
++ most likely a redirection occurs, which messes the https traffic

if the first connection fails and a subsequent connection works, this is the case

you can also check using "netstat -rn" or route

a tracert would be welcome as well
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InvisibleTerrorAuthor Commented:
I found the issue.  The zzxel was seeing the traffic come back with one hop less because the other gateway router was addressing it directly to the client computer and was dropping the packet.  Enabling allow asynchronous route in the firewall fixed the issue.

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it would probably be cleaner to prevent the zyxel from sending route redirections
InvisibleTerrorAuthor Commented:
Troubleshot and found the problem.
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